Xperia XZ Screen Repair – Battery Replacement – Complete Teardown

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No matter how nice you are to your cell phone… accidents happen, warranties expire, and sometimes you have to fix things yourself! Its time for the teardown video of the Sony Xperia XZ. One of the newest android phones from Sony.

Sony has done a FANTASTIC job with the XZ when it comes to screen replacements and battery replacements. Those two things are the first components to be removed from the cell phone after it has been taken apart.

The rest of the components, like the cameras and the charging port are still modular, and can be repairs, but its a little more complicated at that point. Check out the video to find out.

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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44 thoughts on “Xperia XZ Screen Repair – Battery Replacement – Complete Teardown

  1. Nice, after we disasemble, replace the battery and reassemble, what's the Pressure status ? Will it still on Pressure goes up ?

  2. Hi, I've taken apart my XZ a few times..the latest was to replace the phone jack.But the proximity sensor seems to have failed n there is no replacement I find online so far. Also, my screen suddenly doesn't show though you could see it's lit up underneath. Jus that nothing shows.. I lift up my whole lcd as the adhesive is gone pretty much. The words like Sony n android showed a while and then screen turns black again. What is possibly wrong here?

  3. All I know is that I still have my XZ Premium that i have been using for 3 and a half years now. And it still works perfectly despite my having dropped it many times, and having gotten it wet multiple times too (even spilled hot coffee ☕ on it)

  4. I've received an old one of these from family and I'm tempted to upgrade from my iphone 5 but didn't know if to trust the repairability of a newer device. Thanks for the excellent summary.

  5. Can i ask something?sony xz have thermal pad?i want to add thermal pad/paste to this phone,sorry my bad english

  6. Can the rear cover of the phone be removed in a similar fashion with a heatgun? Dust is collecting between my camera and the rear cover. :^( and I'd prefer to do a minimally-invasive surgery

  7. Those brackets and fittings help phone for absorbing hard bumping drops . Though not good for repairs phone stays working even if dropped from 40 feet provided screen remind intact

  8. Zak how much will you charge for fixing my XZ Premium? The front screen is badly shattered. But rear is mint. Cant see anything, When I press the power button but feel some vibration and see the led lights.

  9. You need to do a video on the same phone but how to turn it off safe mode whilst the buttons don't work. Mines been stuck in safe mode for months and the volume controls don't work so it won't turn safe mode off. Please help!

  10. Please try the New Sony Xperia 1 its a perfect Phone with a small battery but IT Stand longer than P30 Pro or S10+ or Oneplus 7Pro 😊

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