WRECKING BALL RALLY! | Overwatch Custom Game

Overwatch’s Hammond makes races possible with the introduction of Wrecking Ball Rally!
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WRECKING BALL RALLY! | Overwatch Custom Game

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36 thoughts on “WRECKING BALL RALLY! | Overwatch Custom Game

  1. I have a minigame idea, it’s called Roadhog’s racing rally, you have 2 roadhogs on one team with half speed and infinite hooks, that’s all for roadhogs the on team two you have six lucios with max speed, infinite boops, very low damage and no firing. The roadhogs have to get from their spawn to the end of the map and back in a skirmish (preferably a big map with payload like junkertown or blizzard world) the lucio get to boop what ever roadhog they want, it is fun with AI lucios but players as lucios might make it even better.

  2. MR. FRUIT! I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YA! OH GOSH! The challenge I have for you is an Overwatch Custom Game I call Transformers. There are two teams, each team player is a Bastion, but in different skins of course. Each team has a leader, one will be Optimus Prime (you), and the other will be Megatron. The game will be set on the King's Row. The objective is to take the objective and to kill the other team's leader. And there is 0% cool down for all of Bastion's moves.

  3. Wait 9:05 – 9:17 ; 9:50 – 9:52 There is a lack of dork in the kill feed why did he try to do it in his second lap also
    I thought Fruit said you need to take that way only for one lap

    get's to 11mins in video: ah mb

  4. Me (when Overwatch first came out): Hey, that's pretty goood, but not good enough

    Me (now when Hammond the wrecking ball was released): I NEED THIS GAME!!!

  5. Mr. Fruitttttt i got a challenge for ya! DEATH RACE, go into an overwatch custom game (any map of your choice) and put the game setting to death match. Rules: You and all your friends are wrecking balls doing the wrecking ball rally with the same custom settings you have already done. Get other people to set up traps to kill or distract the racers hence DEATH RACE. The Heroes: For trap players use the heroes Junkrat, symetra, tjorb, mei, (The mei players can put up walls against the racers, and they can drop Blizzard once per race. The last trap hero you are allowed to pick is Wrecking Ball. The only ability the trap wrecking ball player is allowed to use his ultimate ability and drop the mine field. Good luck hope you enjoy, sorry if anyone else has posted something like this just thought of this idea. Not trying to copy anyone

    i mean it's not fully baked BUT
    here's the challenge
    have a number of teammates(s) spectate in an elimination style match. those teammate(s) playing will have to somehow blind themselves, probably physically, and those spectating will direct their teammates to victory. It's just a classic lead your blind friend through a challenge. LOL you guys would die I'm excited.

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