WHITE ALBUM 2 – Closing Chapter – Walkthrough Part 7 (Setsuna) [English]

Well, I’m pretty bored so why not?

This is an English playthrough of the visual novel White Album 2. There was also an anime adaptation that only covers the introductory chapter. I already did the introductory chapter and I’m going to do closing chapter as well. This walkthrough is going to be for Setsuna’s route.

Translation comes from baka-tsuki and it’s currently ongoing so if you want to help translate the game head over to

So far the translation of introductory chapter, common and Setsuna’s route of closing chapter are complete.

Don’t expect any groundbreaking translation as this translation is pretty rough, but it’s the only way to play this in English.

Nguồn: https://kulekov.com/

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6 thoughts on “WHITE ALBUM 2 – Closing Chapter – Walkthrough Part 7 (Setsuna) [English]

  1. thank you man i really appreciate you doing this i hope you do this for kazusa route as well plus the coda and the mini series as they get translated and oh by the way can you please lower the speed of the text boxes when they are not talking,

  2. Great work XD

    I know it's a lot to ask but could you lower the autospeed when they're not talking? It is way too fast.

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