WHITE ALBUM 2 – Closing Chapter – Walkthrough Part 12 (Final Part) (Setsuna) [English]

*Reuploaded and edited due to original video being deleted*

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Welp, looks like I’m done with this series for now. Gonna upload the common route ending and then all I can do is wait for translations to come out for the other routes. They have translated the entire closing chapter but still need to be edited. Hopefully the patch will come out soon. As soon as it comes out, I’ll upload the rest. Gonna be a while for coda to come out though.

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This visual novel is my favorite visual novel ever. It checks out all of the boxes: Believable and relatable characters, great romance, good visuals, with a great story and ending. Hopefully you have enjoyed this emotional rollercoaster as much as I did.

White Album 2 Coda Opening Translation:

Ogiso Setsuna – “I’m Ogiso, a representative of Knight’s Records. I look forward to working with you all today.”

Chose to pursue a music-related career after graduation.

Currently employed in the public relations department of a prominent record company.

Her love towards Haruki is still as strong as it ever was.

Touma Kazusa – “I told you before, didn’t I? I don’t have anything against Japan itself…”

Currently an active pianist in Vienna.

Idolized by the people of Japan.

The whole country eagerly awaits her return and performance.

Iizuka Takeya – “There has to be something we can do to help, right? This is for Setsuna-chan’s sake too, so stop trying to shoulder everything by yourself.”

Working as a salesperson for a cosmetics company.

No steady girlfriend.

And despite his past, no unsteady girlfriends now, either.

Mizusawa Io – “I haven’t given up on my life so much that I’d willingly hang around someone I’ve hated for the last 10 years.”

Employee at a sporting goods company.

Incredibly happy about how Haruki’s and Setsuna’s relationship turned out.

Seemingly uninterested in love herself, however…

“I hate this… I hate this! I’m leaving… I can’t stand being here for another second!”

“Haruki-kun hasn’t forgotten at all! He hasn’t forgotten about you at all, Kazusa!”

Yanagihara Tomo – “Not now! You can’t see him right now… You absolutely mustn’t go!”

Senior at Houjou University. Became a part of the group seemingly out of nowhere.

Treats Setsuna as her best friend as if it were a matter of fact.

For the most part, considered a “friend” by everyone else.

Touma Youko – “I suppose… This is my punishment. For trying to deceive my own daughter.”

Like Kazusa, currently an active pianist in Vienna.

Her dream of her daughter performing in Japan has not yet been realized.

However, she’s aware of the reason behind her daughter’s stubborn refusal.

Kitahara Haruki – “We need to talk. I have something I must tell you, no matter what. It’s important…”

Applied and hired at Kaiousha after graduation.

His relationship with Setsuna has been progressing smoothly.

But along his travels, an unexpected reunion occurs…

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29 thoughts on “WHITE ALBUM 2 – Closing Chapter – Walkthrough Part 12 (Final Part) (Setsuna) [English]

  1. Hey i just watched this lol this was release a long time ago but whenever i watch this ,i get rlly emotional:)
    Btw can i see coda (Setsuna ending).
    I can't find it at all -just a lot of kazusa (i feel like i m starting to hate Touma
    oh! i can't find the one-coda(Setsuna)
    pls help me have u uploaded it .I can't just find it at all.I wanna see pls

  2. when are you going to play coda? the only person that uploaded coda is doing a summary only rather than a full play through, plz hurry up

  3. man I managed to get all the side heroine endings, but I still can't get setsuna's ending – it feels like playing "Make your GF suffer, the game"

  4. Hey I just finished playing through chiaki route but it just ended very abruptly, apparently there is another route which unlocks after finishing the first one . How do I access that route???

  5. Sorry for ask this but I don't understand what is the promise he refers, so, she actually asked him to violate her? that is what I understood, cause he say that he promised it, when they're about to do it 🤔🤔

  6. Hey man I know I am way too late. And idk if you still doing these walkthroughs. But I just wanted to know, is CODA already translated? And is CODA in the same game as the introduction and closing chapters? Or is it separated?

  7. I think this is the best Ending of the game.

    If you choose Kazusa, then Hiraki will cancel his marriage proposal to Setsuna which depressed her and ended up beaten badly by Setsuna's brother, he also cut his relation with his friends who supported Setsuna, He later married with Kazusa.

    In this ending Kazusa still love Haruki but she accept their marriage and give them her blessing which is MORE WAAAYY better then the other ending

  8. Where's the part with the sex? Do I need to get the VN for that? I know it's easy to look up the CGs but this is important for the story so it's kind of annoying for it to be edited out here.
    The YU-NO playthrough on youtube has them, not sure why they're disallowed here.

  9. Hey, so I was hoping that you'd check out my remix of White Album by Setsuna Ogiso. It starts out like the original, but at the chorus I start changing some things. I hate to shamelessly self-promote, but I worked hard and I have no subs lol. Please check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gluztTnyfOM

  10. Hey just want to say thank you for uploading this, i was very annoyed with the ending of the anime and then i found ur videos and its made me feel great again haha. Thanks again bud

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