Wardner- one credit clear (no death)

Taito’s Wardner arcade from 1987 one credit clear challenge.
Played by sneekyweezel.
This was an old score to settle with this game, I can still remember seeing “Wardner” in just about every Pizza Hut in the world when I was a kid… anyhow it was known in the U.S. called “Pyros”. Erika and Pyros (Dover) are lured into the woods by an evil wizard and she gets turned into a crystal ball and carried away by one of the wicked baby dragons to Mr.Wardner, the main evil boss. Pyros goes after her to face off with Wardner.
It was really a great game released by Taito in 1987, Pyros must face all kinds of monsters on his way to rescue his girl. Along the way there are shops in between stages where a clock that gives an extra minute, a cape and needle that protect you from a small amount of damage, and three different swords can be purchased. Also there are magic fairies that destroy monsters on contact, an owl and giant flying turkey to help you. Happy Easter- no death one coin finish to Wardner!-don’t forget to click the “like” button and subscribe share and comment-

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44 thoughts on “Wardner- one credit clear (no death)

  1. That and Black Tiger I think were my fav looking platforms of the time…I was terrible in both…lol

  2. This is the only game I've ever completed in the arcades, so it must have been easy because I'm no skilled gamer. They had it at Haven Holiday Camp in Whitby back in the day and I got good enough to complete it regularly on a single 10p play.

  3. One of only two games I could clear in all my years of playing arcade games in the 80s between the age of 9 and 15. This and double dragon – I was killer

  4. This game was my childhood arcade memory, I played this in a sea side town in England in the late 80s early 90s brings back so many memories of dieing on the first stage 🤣 well done in the 1 credit playthrough boi

  5. About 1991-92, my first summer after discovering computer games/arcades. It was in Zamardi(lake Balaton, Hungary). Since then I was trying to find this game but I did not know the name. Only a few pictures in my memories(blue-red cloak, flying with the bird and the shop) was not enough to find it… so far.
    Thank you!!!

  6. My favorite as a kid. Just got the board, Marquee, bezel and control panel. Now to find a usable cabinet. My childhood memory is coming back to life. Yes!

  7. You can get 99999999999999 if you hang around on the bit where one crow comes one way and then one other just notching up the points and then swiftly to the end

  8. Completed this game as a 13 year old in the arcades at Butlins. No maps, no Internet, just a weeks holiday and as many 50p's as I could get my parents to ignore me for. I have no idea how I did it. It had to be on one life, to do it (happy to be proved wrong) as shown here. Great game.

  9. so that's how you supposed to use the fairies. God, I remember being frustrated fighting that last boss..

  10. One of my most loved arcade games back in the day…didnt think about using the fairies at the end to kill the boss like that, well done.

  11. Played this a bit when I was a student on the original cabinet but played it a lot of it once MAME supported it. I was always able to get to the final boss on 1 credit but didn't know that trick for a quick defeat!!! Must boot up MAME again and try this – might be a while getting the feel of the game again though as it has been quite a while. Great game.

  12. used to love playing this game down my local chippy when i was a kid and clocking it in one life of course ;.)

  13. What?!? All that time I spent playing Wardner (or Pyros, in my neck of the woods) and I never thought to walk up to Wardner's final form, turn my butt to him and kill him with the fairies! I had to do it the hard way: Stand in the middle, left, right, shoot, left, right, shoot, left, right, shoot….

    Good game! 🙂

  14. Whoa, I didn't know you could glitch the boss like that. I did it the hard way, going back and forth between his fireballs.

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