vtech V.Smile Childrens Console Review

I review another Carboot Bargain games system, this time the vtech v.smile for kids! I managed to get the first and second version of these for £3.50 and £4.00 respectively with 6 games between them!

NEWS: This console broke 🙁 But dont worry, I made it into a fire-breathing Retro Arcade and media centre, my family loves it! You can make one too! Instructions:

The kids seem to love it and it keeps them away from my more prized consoles. Worth every penny!

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28 thoughts on “vtech V.Smile Childrens Console Review

  1. If you don't count Stronghold on PC then this console was my very first gaming experience. I even had the handheld.

  2. So you're telling me that VTech tried to compete with a GameCube with this? I had one but I never remembered it's performance.

  3. Thank you so so so much I am 18 rn in 2020 and this was my first ever gaming console when i was 5 in 2007/2008 and I only had the alphabet game and couldn't find the game becsue of the title not coorilating with the weird mechanical theme park. I've Google searched for "vtech v smile robot game" ect but could never find it until today what a throwback 13 years later wow. I have now been a very hardcore gamer my whole life I have a 6th place speed run of a level in super mario sunshine and I've played thousands of hours of games and designed game levels and so much stuff. I've made friends becsue of gaming, been at a minecraft contest with a friend group and just overall connected to others with gaming and it's been amazing. Thank you v smile for being my first ever game console I've come a long way it's crazy to finaly see my first game again and I want to play it but I wont becsue I wana save money but there will alwase be a love for my first game same for probebly most people. Also weird fact when i was 5 my dad let me use his gamecube and i tried to record my footage with a VHS camera for youtube in 2008 and i couldn't get the screen warp to go away but I might have accidentally made the first ever playthrough of a game on vhs to attempted youtube. Lol I was still just 5 so in my head i thought it was possible lmao.

  4. I had a V flash, and a PS2, and and I’m still crying in nostalgia. These games look like something from my Amiga 1200 or GBA… my vflash (I still have it and it’s still in great condition) has a similar startup however instead of having v smile it has v flash.

  5. when i was little, i couldnt even play with this because i could only find one f#$@ing controller in the entire house! i never seen the actual console and cartridges tho. just one controller. seeing the controller now, still gives me rage but some nostalgia. if i havent seen this video, i would never remember it

  6. How did you record this footage? I am about to buy a console and some games off of ebay and shopgoodwill and I plan to live stream playing some of the games. I have an elgato and all that and I already have equipment to record my PlayStation 2 but is there something I can buy to hook up my capture card to my V Smile?

  7. Ahhhhhh. Memories………………… I used to have one… now I'm seventeen *sigh*
    I specifically remember this screen. -> 8:50

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