Tutorial – How to use the windows 7 USB DVD Download tool (Creating Bootable USB's or DVD's))

A simple tutorial of how to use the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool. In this tutorial i will be showing:
– How to create a bootable USB/DVD
– Tell you how to boot it up
– Basic information about th e program

– It works for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server 2012
– Might have issues with older versions of windows (Windows server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 95/98)

Windows USB/DVD Download tool:

– Comment in the descripton below and i will try to answer it as fast as possible.
– If you got any questions or suggestions (For my next video) you can send me a mail at contactnickytech@gmail.com

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39 thoughts on “Tutorial – How to use the windows 7 USB DVD Download tool (Creating Bootable USB's or DVD's))

  1. 0:31 The USB doesn't have to be empty. Because it will be formatted anyway.
    1:21 The letter H is pronounced "aitch" not "haitch".

  2. I want to install Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit ISO.

    I did a simple reformat to remove the existing operating system on my SSD that has NTFS.

    Do I format the USB to either FAT32 default or to NTFS to then proceed to install the Windows USB DVD Tool Installer?

  3. when i download Win7 USB DVD tool i got rar full of some folders and files but theres no .exe file. Help?

  4. liknk de windows usb/dvd download tools https://www.microsoft.com/es-ES/download/details.aspx?id=56485

  5. Hey nick I did the steps and this is what I got “Files copies sucessfully.However were unable to run bootsect to make the usb device bootable.”

  6. after i try to make a bootable device it stockson 99 percent and says check usb device and iso file what am i to do to fix this? thanks a lot

  7. in using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, windows 7 , but at the end the syst says cant make my usb flash to be bootable. can someone give me a tips?

  8. Hi man, great video. But when I'm creating the bootable usb with an iso file I downloaded it says it "were unable to run bootsect to make the USB deive bootable". Do you have any idea how to fix it? 🙂

  9. so this will boot the windows 7/8/10 from the usb drive and the regular os of the original system won't be affected? or will it alter it as soon as you plug in the computer?

  10. hi.. it says that there's no recognized usb even though i have a new usb 8gb.. what should i do? thanks

  11. i get this error: windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause to fix the problem when i boot with USB

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