TMNT Arcade: Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station

We unbox, build and play the old-school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, sold by Arcade1Up. Get up close with the parts and see how it stacks up to your memories of the original.

Now at Walmart for $400, this build-it-yourself cabinet is three-quarters the size of the original machine and includes a themed riser. Along with the original arcade game, the cabinet includes Turtles in Time.

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48 thoughts on “TMNT Arcade: Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station

  1. Are you excited for the release of the TMNT cabinet? Would you buy it? Or maybe you’re waiting for another arcade machine that’s closer to your heart?  💚🐢

    And as many of you pointed out, yes, I didn't realize there was a second layer of film I should have removed from the control dash. But, in a way, don't we all tend to view the past fondly through a cloudy film? ✨

  2. If I ever become rich… I'm making a large two floor arcade room with nothing but a bunch of arcade classics with this TMNT arcade included! One can dream!

  3. I bought this a couple days ago at Walmart—I was afraid that I'd never get a chance to buy one again, what with all the comments I've seen on reddit that it's been discontinued.
    The assembly had a few hiccups—I had part H in backwards at first (that's the top-back part that says it's from arcade1up), and I never found a way to take the protective covering off the monitor. But it still works 🙂

  4. I remember playing this years ago and enjoyed playing it. I tried the Arcade 1Up at my local Wal-Mart and my first impression was although it was fun to play, the graphics look too pixelated! This is a deal breaker for me. Love the game, hate the graphics. So at $400 this is a pass for me, and I will continue to enjoy it on my NES or PS2. I personally want Arcade 1Up to release the Capcom arcade game Alien vs. Predator! Love pork sausage and mushrooms on my pizza. I like your "Go Ninja" dance, Bridget!

  5. Awesome, the only thing I never liked was the position of the Attack and Jump buttons, like they should be switched for more comfortability… but it's ok, I think.

  6. Leonardo all the way. We always went to Kennywood outside of Pittsburgh PA. I always remember running to the arcade when we passed it to play this. I would beg my parents for quarters to play all the time. Just moved into a new home, and this is a piece that is awesome to have!

  7. It was great to see that Arcade1up was able to get Konami's American comic beat-em-up on here. I hope they can continue that trend with X-Men and The Simpsons.

  8. Great Review. I love this game and even had it on Mame but it's still not the same as the original like this. I'm going to buy but need to wait for a sale.

  9. I played this game at the roller skating rink every week. It brought so much joy and wonderful memories back. This thing is awesome. Cowabunga

  10. Always played it at Peter piper pizza and I always liked pepperoni and black olives on my pizza. I've had a lot of fun with this machine.

  11. I never got enough of TMNT 1, they way the turtles much junk food consumed😁 It showed being on teams is cool😊

  12. #1. I love anchovies and #2. I would waste quarters like no mañana back in the day at Blackbeard's in good ol' Fresno, Cali.

  13. Awesome review bridget. I wanted to know, because you mentioned Nickelodian put their branding on the marquee art. Does the arcade game still have thd pizza hut signage everywhere, or did they update the graphics in therom to remove the ads?


  15. I can't believe youtube deleted my comment probably for referring to n er ds but in a good way, this censorship is getting out of hand, a dark world awaits you young folk!

  16. This would of been cool ummm idk 20 years ago….maybe 15. Who has 3 people they are really really really cool with that they dont mind having over for a few hours to play TMNT? 400 isnt a bad price but its not favorable for something u might use 3 times in a year. The only way i see buying these arcade machines as valuable is if u have a spare room in your house and u turn it into an arcade just to say u have an arcade in your house (which is cool).

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