Tiburcio's Mexican Toys

Is your mocoso addicted to the stupid spinners? Is your kid flipping bottle like a menso? Maybe the tablet ruin his brains. Do not wait. Get Tiburcio’s Mexican Toys today. Ok. Adios.

You get the toys here:

Add MexicanGueys:

Add Julian Valentino: h

*Be one of the first 1,000 people to purchase his toys to get his autograph on each of the toys.

Hello, I’m Tiburcio. You subscribe.


Song credits:
MARVO THE MAGICIAN main-EasyAccessMusic – EasyAccessMusic
Latin Cumbia – – AudioMicro
Blue Angels Cumbia – AudioMicro
Mexican Standoff – AudioMicro
Mexican Sunset – AudioMicro
El Tangaro Langaro – AudioMicro
Hoy No Voy A Cocinar – AudioMicro
Mi Nombre – AudioMicro
Rey Del Acordion – AudioMicro
Cariño – AudioMicro

Nguồn: https://kulekov.com/

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22 thoughts on “Tiburcio's Mexican Toys

  1. My mexican dad buyed a trompo and balero and then i tried to use them but i stuggled alot to do them anyways your video were very funy and true! 😂✌

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