For some reason I set out to try to find the WORST GAME ON STEAM… and I’m pretty sure I found it in Skyscraper Simulator.
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35 thoughts on “THE WORST GAME ON STEAM

  1. This game is so boring that I'm going to bed rather than stay up later. It's around midnight but I've started up until 3 in the morning before do this shows the levels of mind-melting boringness of Skyscraper Simulator.

  2. The reason, I think, for why dug such a big hole was because Mark set the instructions on the digging too big…

    Could be wrong…

  3. 'Here is skyscraper simulator, enjoy.'

    I immediately got a Facebook ad and honestly the only entertaining thing that happened after that point

  4. It's midnight right now and I wasn't feeling that tired before I watched this video. I almost fell asleep watching this and I'm falling asleep just thinking about this game.

  5. this game has so much boring energy that i fell asleep as soon as he started playing but woke up when he stopped

  6. Funny enough, the game from an external view looks to have been developed with precision and care to be what it wants to be. It's just the fact that it's boring as a game that makes it bad. Well made indeed, it's just that the execution was not good despite all the effort. More dissapointing thsn anything.

  7. One time I watched highlights of someone who streamed paint drying on Twitch. Like 20,000 people were there literally watching paint dry. Not even a fun colour, either. Just beige. That being said, having watched this video… I think I'll take the paint drying because at least in that stream something happened.

  8. @5:00 there’s something odd in the background noise that scared me sounded like a cry of some sort and I am now paranoid at 4:30 am

  9. Mark " why did we dig that hole" if some one became an engineer then they would have known. Soil for structural integrity can only be compacted in 6 in layers.

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