The Secrets Of Balboa Island ! New Blueprints and A GIANT Bear ! Raft Update | Z1 Gaming

The Secrets Of Balboa Island ! New Blueprints and A GIANT Bear ! Raft Update | Z1 Gaming

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Raft throws you and your friends into an epic oceanic adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea! Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks!

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44 thoughts on “The Secrets Of Balboa Island ! New Blueprints and A GIANT Bear ! Raft Update | Z1 Gaming

  1. You were also meant to throw one of the stones at that box by the bridge not shoot it with an arrow but it looks like that worked anyway

  2. Suggestions for raft upgrade:
    Engine Room with walls to put the engines safely
    Storage Room with walls
    A gangplank to get off yr raft
    Try and upgrade to metal panels
    A 3rd floor for bridge a.k.a receiver/steering wheel/command center room
    Plz like so Z can see

  3. Would have been easyer to use the barry's at the feeding bucket on other side of bear. he eats and leaves you alone for 5 min

  4. Raft has metel panel upgrade evrywere so the shark cant harm anything anymore.

    Might need to revist the yacht tho you missed a car jack there.

    This game looks fun i think the water has raised alot youre raft is takeing on water.

    Have a fabulous day!!


  5. I originally thought Balboa islan was the only place honey spawns, but there are other islands with bears on them that are pretty large that spawn honey.
    It usually appears on fallen logs

  6. You haven't explored Balboa thoroughly (there are notes, use for berries and light bulb there) and considering that you have car jack in your journal you also missed a location on the infested yacht (unless you somehow got another car jack somehow)

    Not sure how much honey you found on Balboa but the best I got was 10 jars (ususlly I get about 8). The honey re-spawns after you leave the island so I recommend going back from time to time since you need 1 honey jar for 1 biofuel (also a lot of raw food, I usually use potatoes). 1 biofuel will completely fill an engine and with pipes and fuel tank you can have all your engines automatically fueled as needed

    – wooden spear = 4 pokes to get shark away from raft
    – metal spear = 2 pokes to get shark away from raft
    – machete = 1 slash to get shark away from raft (it has delay so try using it slightly before you reach the enemy)

  7. It is quite possible that your animals died because there was no grass, and then if it rained it will water the grass.

  8. There is a big blue vat by the cave bear, you place berries in it to distract the bear. it will run upp and start eat and ignores you. For the lightbulb, you need to explore the iland and find three creepy dolls.

  9. you can throw a rock to lower the bridge instead of using your bow btw. also you don't kill mama bear there is a tub nearby you stick the wild berries in and she will go and eat them and then you can get in the cave to get the blueprint.

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