The $15 Sony Headphone – MDR-ZX110 Review

Can we expect much from a $15 headphone?
Then again we do expect much from Sony.
The MDR-ZX110 presents an interesting case in low cost production while managing a reputation. As it always happens, cut on production cost and make compromises somewhere.
In this video we explore what Sony managed to give us at this ultra low price point.

Updated price:
ZX110 –
XB250 –

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33 thoughts on “The $15 Sony Headphone – MDR-ZX110 Review

  1. I just ordered these at CeX (cheap electronic shop in the UK and other countries) for £5 and I'm so excited because they're so cheap at CeX

  2. These headphones🚄>JustU.Faith/-SonyHeadset?輝   are quality cans, strong, crisp, resonating sound, mild noise cancellation, but they're perfect for the price, legendary studio grade headphones used by professionals

  3. I have only seen this one video of yours. You present things well. Even with your accent I can understand you. Well done review. Thank you.

  4. The copy I have is extremely punchy and bass-heavy. I didn't expect 30mm drivers to sound this beefy!

  5. I bought mine in 2015, they are still good as new. I've been using them on my pc for years cuz they are really light and compact.

  6. I have 2 pair…they break in after 20 hours or so…good sound…surprisingly comfortable foam for 15 dollars

  7. هدست سونی مدل MDR-ZX110

    لینک خرید از وبسایت گیل سرا:

  8. One weird thing about these headphones, (I don't know if this happens to anyone else with these.) but if your outside in the freezing cold with these, the cord will start to freeze solid and stay in one shape. I dont really know why this happens, but it's pretty strange. Other than that, this is a very good pair of headphones. Excellent sound quality.

  9. Headphones are insanely good for the price. The only problem I have with them is the audio jack doesn't "click" very well into ports. I.e. it falls out pretty easily.

  10. Had the Monster Clarity HD Wireless headphones, costing $200 USD. These are much better compared to that

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