Tangle Tower – Full Walkthrough – Solved all puzzle and myths. (IPhone – Apple Arcade)

Tangle Tower Full Walkthrough show you all the video and puzzles of the game playing using Apple Arcade. The video show you how to finish the game Tangle Tower from Begin to the end. The video will have all the puzzle solved.

This game is trying to find who and how the person got killed. It is a puzzle solving game. The puzzles in the game are not that hard. The graphics is good. The only issue is the ending. Something seems is not right. You will see what I mean at the ended of the video.

Here is the walkthrough in word.
1. talk to everyone, after that you will have a cut sense to combine all the suspects statements.
2. Get all the items in each area and solve all the puzzles
The following is the location of each puzzle
Clock – 02:21
Bird – 3:20
Music Clock – 4:05
Astronomy – 5:00
Egg – 5:51
Treasure Map – 7:37
Box under the bed – 8:41
Paint Brush – 11:00
Key – 12:20

3. talk to each suspects and talk about each items and person to get more information
4. After you talk to everyone on the items and person, you should able make suspicions on each person, example on 13:15.
5. After you make all suspicions, go to garden to get the music crab. (32:17) then get all 4 sounds. (Unfinished Business)
6. After you done the garden puzzle, you then can go to the underground (37:43)
7. Then it is very strange forward, solve the puzzle in underground, then go to library, then End the story.

Revised version
Tangle Tower playlist

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19 thoughts on “Tangle Tower – Full Walkthrough – Solved all puzzle and myths. (IPhone – Apple Arcade)

  1. There are new update to the game, in which add 8 achievements. I will replay the game and try to get all achievement and will let you all know, will be another video 🙂

  2. So is anyone going to mention that the Lake and surrounding mountains is totally a broken egg shell? When you're underground and look out the water window it even says that the bottom of the lake is oddly smooth. Considering all the magical creatures are created by the "lake water"…

    So were all the mystids created by some giant…. magic cosmic egg… thing?

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