Tangle Classic & Metallic Fidget Toy – Twist, Shape, Fidget

Items provided by Zuru for review:

Thanks again to Zuru for this collection of Tangle Fidget Toys. I have not played with these fidget toys before, so it was fun checking them out and learning about them. I never really thought about a toy as something to fidget with 🙂 I just want to play with them! I do as I mentioned in the video that I usually have a Crazy Aaron’s or Mad Mattr near by to grab and shape.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Tangle Classic & Metallic Fidget Toy – Twist, Shape, Fidget – Zuru Ages 3+

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30 thoughts on “Tangle Classic & Metallic Fidget Toy – Twist, Shape, Fidget

  1. got normal one and two glow in the dark ones but two of the pieces broke have anyone had that happen before?

  2. I ordered a few off of amazon and I hope they come soon! I have heard from like literally everyone that they're so good for fidgeting/stimming. I'm just afraid that with corona covid and all that jazz it will be delayed and take a while.

  3. Omg heeey lucky penny shop!!! I didn’t realise who I was watching till I saw the little coin icon and I instantly remembered where that icons from! Haven’t watched you for like 5 years!! 😱😂

  4. i ordered a pack of 3 on amazon for $13, it comes with a fuzzy one, a metallic one, and a textured one. then i ordered 3 cheap smooth ones on aliexpress to have variety.

  5. I have a clear, yellow, green and black one with different textures because I don’t like fidget cubes. I have bad anxiety and they help me focus in class.

  6. I have these. I have the purple,purple,and pink one, the yellow green and orange one, and the blue,white,blue one

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