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In accordance with COPPA, this video it’s not direct towards children under the age of 13. This video although animated has nothing to do with children entertainment and they are not encouraged to watch it in any way. This video’s main audience are adults and children OVER the age of 13. Animation it’s used in this video, because it’s my career, i have been doing this for quite a few years now and i would like to continue doing it. The subject of this video it’s history and it’s often depicted through realism thus violence and blood are a part of it. DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13.

Finally here! I had quite a few of delays due to some personal things but it’s done at last.

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The accordion intro of the song by Megaraptor:

Säkkijärven Polkka by 5150gyroscope:

Send for the horses – Kevin MacLeod –


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20 thoughts on “Talvisota-The Winter War |Countryballs|

  1. (Im from Russia) USSR champion WW2
    СССР чампион второй мировой войны

  2. Russia: gets crushed by Finland
    Finland: is nice and lets Russia take the land
    Russia: We’ll call it a draw

  3. Actually Finland won but the Soviet Union made them give the lands or they will finish them so they signed it

  4. Привет. Я из России и я учусь в школе где историка говарит что мы выйграли войну и мне стыдно за мою страну каторую переписывает историю нашей страны ради патриотизма и я отдаю честь всем людям которые умерли или пострадали от этой войны. Мир праху всем кто погиб.

  5. Мы забрали свои территории которые ещё были при Екатерине 2, а когда появился советский союз они взяли территории себе в нам пришлось их отобрать

  6. For the people who said USSR won correct but it cost heavy for them to won and they lose many soldiers and equipments plus winter war is a soviet failure

  7. Какой позор! Красная армия не справилась с какими то пьяницами у которых даже флаг дибильный >:(

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