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What’s up ladies and gentlemen, it’s-a-me SuperKevin! ^^ And today in this video I’m bringing you a new video in which I’m about to show another game of my childhood which I used to play it when I was young, and I still use to play it, and this is : Super Chick Sisters! 🙂 This game was created by famous company PETA, I think you what is it PETA (an American animal rights organization), with the purpose to expose the cruel treatment of KFC’s soon-to-be-fried chickens.. To make their message more readable they decided to parody the Super Mario Bros game, which we know that it is one of the most popular games in the world, by replacing the main popular character Mario with Nugget (a female chicken), the second main popular character Luigi with Chickette (the sister of the Nugget), the antagonist of the game Bowser with Colonel Sanders, and the princess Peach with Pamela Anderson (a real-life vocal PETA supporter). The graphics of this game is very good for a flash one, looks incredibly cutesy and cartoonish which is pretty suitable for the kid friendly vibe PETA was going for here. Although I wouldn’t really call it child friendly considering everything mentioned in the story section as well as the fact that there is blood scattered across some of the levels. Now, without any words, enjoy of this video and don’t forget to to leave a LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and also SHARE to see your friends this video! 😀 See Ya! 😉
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•This game was created by FunkWaxPuppie! ^^
✪ VIDEO RECORDED & EDITED BY : Kevin Urbanovici (It’s Me SuperKevin! ^^) ✔

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34 thoughts on “"Super CHICK Sisters!" | {Full GamePlay ; No COMMENTARY!} | SuperKevin! ツ

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    Oh! 😀 So many beautiful memories of mine playing this "friendly" game! :'D Back in those
    old days, when I had no idea about its "dark" story, and the blood, which I though it was
    simply a mess with ketchup! 😛 When playing, I always wanted to collect as many little chickens
    to save them, because of their unsupportable cuteness ^^ ;3, and while killing as many as those
    ugly spider robots, without having any knowledge about the great businessman Colonel Sanders,
    the founder of the fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken! 😛 Ah, beautiful memories! ^^ Goodbye fantastic childhood! :'')

  2. Ngl pretty sure they do all the bad stuff AFTER the chicken is dead and can't feel the pain.
    Also yoshi would want to help mario AS HE SWORE AN OATH WHEN MARIO WAS A BABY TO PROTECT HIM.

  3. Mario the mushroom hero: Hey!! That game-a ripoff of my original game!! >:(

    (Some time later, after he sees a knockoff version of his games).

    Mario the mushroom hero: That's it!! I'am getting-a lawyer to sue it! >:/

  4. I remenber this game, i actually liked it because i didn't even care about peta or nothing about kfc, i just had fun skipping the dialogues tbh.

  5. 😠😡😤 no me gusta peta es un fraude FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE 😡😠 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 y no me gusta super chick sisters y KFC no es malo y no me gusta

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