Spark AR: Blinking Game Tutorial – Part 1

Hey! it’s me again, many people have sent me a comment asking me why I didn’t do new instructional videos, I’m really sorry because I don’t have too much time to do, but I’m still happy because previous videos were able to help newbie more easily reach the spark AR. I received many thanks and this made me feel really happy.

This time, I will do a 3-part series to guide you through creating a simple mini game using Spark Ar with the desire to help you make your own mini-game without having to knowledge of coding. I made this game with 95% using the patch editor and a few lines of code, and I believe that you can easily understand and implement it.

Download game resource here:


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35 thoughts on “Spark AR: Blinking Game Tutorial – Part 1

  1. This Tutorial is a long time ago. About Spark AR studio v85+, They change the APIs. So, please join my Patreon to update this kind of game and get more game filter tutorial.
    My Patreon:

  2. It's amazing! But i tried open your link with resource, and it opens adf. ly or fiaharam. net, not! Something wrong with your link?

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! Wish they had this template on – You just upload images and they render your filter files ready to publish to Instagram

  4. Hi Maru Studio, could you please re-upload te game resource since the download does not longer work? Thanks!

  5. Hello, at 4:49 before adding the canvas, how can I make the animation section appear with the character in textures? Mine doesn't seem to appear. Thanks!

  6. ATTN: Understand this effect is null and void as far as Facebook's approval standards are concerned. They no longer accept text that is "not integrated into the effect". So the score (unless it's tracked to the face and moves) can't be static. This might go for some of the text as well that isn't instruction. It's unfortunate that Facebook and Spark are so strict on what creators can and can't make. However this is a great tutorial if you want to learn Spark.

  7. Can you help me please? My game counts points even when the character loses. And when the game is over, the collision objects do not return to their original state. 🙁

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