Sorry You Are Not Allowed To Access This Page WordPress Error (wp-admin error)

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Sorry You Are Not Allowed To Access This Page WordPress Error (wp-admin error)
The two pieces of code I reference in the video are in the first pinned comment below.

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If you haven’t yet, at some point you’re going to encounter the “Sorry You Are Not Allowed To Access This Page” WordPress Error.

It tends to come out of nowhere, but luckily there are a number of possible fixes.

I’m going to cover the 4 that have helped me in the past and I’ll show you want to do if none of them work for you.
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20 thoughts on “Sorry You Are Not Allowed To Access This Page WordPress Error (wp-admin error)

  1. I face this error last 28 days. Hostinger team try again and again but the error still working. My English knowledge is very poor. but today I watching this video and solve my all problem.
    A big thank you for you sir.

  2. We tried all things which you have provided. but none of these worked.
    can there is any other ways to do it?
    My website is running without any issues. but Admin wordpress is not able to login. giving error 403 forbidden.
    please help.

  3. Thank you for this!!! I got to the usermeta part in and for some reason it only had 3 tables in it, the bottom 3. Fortunately I had a recent database backup (lost 1 day of work but no other choice it seems). I restored the database and could access admin again. Then all pages except them home page were missing on frontend so I went to admin > settings > permalinks and saved without changing any settings and they all appeared again… phew! … Now… to redo all of yesterdays work… .. . gulp! Thanks again

  4. 7:21 Mine turned out to be that the prefix listed within the usermeta was capitalized whereas the actual prefix was lower case. Changing the data to match worked. IE: prefix_capabilities (EG: it was PreFIX_ whereas the table was prefix_) changine to prefix_capabilities.

  5. thanks a lot. in my case was standard wp_capabilities but my db prefix was 1231242141_. change db prefix to wp_ solved the problem. so my advise to all check your db prefix

  6. apparently i can do everything except launch my website. can i pay someone like $50 to fix it for me? I just want the site to launch.

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