Sony's June SECRET: Sony a7S III, a7 IV or a5?

Go to & save 10% off your first website or domain with code “tony” has leaked a secret: Sony’s going to be announcing a new full-frame camera next month and it’s going to be HUGE. What exactly will it be, though? Many people are hoping for a video camera: the Sony a7S III. Sony does NEED to refresh the famous Sony a7S II, which was known for its low-light 4k video capabilities.

On the other hand, the Sony a7 III is already two years old and is a far more popular, important camera… and it has been matched and surpassed in many ways by new competition like the Nikon Z6, the Canon EOS R, and the Panasonic S1.

Finally, Sony currently has no competition to the Canon EOS RP: A sub-$1000 full-frame camera with a modern focusing system… Sony’s a7 II currently fills that role, and is readily available for $900, but it has a tiny battery, frustrating controls, and an outdated focusing system, and as a result, we never recommended it.

What do YOU think Sony will give us in June?


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50 thoughts on “Sony's June SECRET: Sony a7S III, a7 IV or a5?

  1. The Canon R5 is hardly sold below 1000$. Until now no new full frame camera dSLR or mirrorless camera is sold significantly below 1000$.
    The full frame Sony a7 and Sony a7 II are sold new significantly below 1000$ but are very old models.
    I believe that a Sony a5 without IBIS and without the EVF can be small and cheap. The old smaller and cheaper NP-FW50 battery isn't discontinued yet. The recent Sony a6100 of 2019 which replaced the very successful a6000, still has the NP-FW50.
    I wish for a Sony a5 with the sensor of the Sony a7III without EVF without IBIS, without double SD slots, without the larger NP-FZ1000.
    Sony many times underprices its cameras in order to attract more customers and gain from the lenses.
    Of course the main interest of Sony is the forthcoming Sony a7S III.
    The Sony a5 will be probably launched much later.
    Sony a7 and a7II after two years of their introduction had a significant drop of their price but the Sony a7 III is still retains its original price.

  2. Tony, nice analysis. I can't wait for the A7S iii to come out. I will be filming my videos in caves everywhere muahahahahahaha

    For all real though, I do often become frustrated with the low light performance of the Sony A7iii + 20mm F1.8 Sony Lens. I feel it could be a lot better. You can see it struggle in the dark in my recent Stanley Park video.

  3. A feature that I hope trickles down from the FS7 is that it can shoot SDI1/Internally with a LUT applied. This would be a great feature for these more prosumer based hybrid cameras.
    With companies expecting a steady stream of content uploaded to their social channels, it's now expected that you post footage during a shoot to IG or FB. I'm currently forced to use my smartphone to do this and the quality drop is very noticeable.
    Recording with a LUT applied to the footage onto the SD card would make the video transfer feature on the imaging edge app actually useful, as you wouldn't be stuck with transferring flat SLOG files to your phone that you have no way of grading. You'd be able to cut these better looking files together without needing a laptop for a more professional looking post on social media.
    Like it or not, small/medium companies are looking for immediate turnaround in their marketing content (especially at trade shows/events) and don't understand why you can't post the footage you've just shot to Instagram because they can do that with their smartphone.

  4. I personally want to see an a5 …As a enthusiast I want to have a full frame mirrorless camera under 1000 dollar because smartphone cameras are becoming more and more capable everyday & with this speed rate apsc won't be able to compete ….full frame have to be the next standerd for the consumer level cameras & now a days manufacturing cost has become cheap …so why not ?

  5. A7s iii wont be 8k because of the R5. It's the same reason why sony didnt put 4k 60p just because the 1dx mark ii has 4k60p. 8k is not really ready for everyone yet especially small time creator. 8k require a capable specs pc in order to edit it.

  6. Lol a7siii with 42 megapixel sensor. no chance!! A7siii has always been a lowlight camera being an 42megapixel camera i dont think that they could achieve the lowlight capabilities as the previous a7s

  7. I need a camera that has (in-camera) focus stacking! That way I could buy the 90mm macro and sell my Olympus gear!

  8. Wants: Variety of good glass at an affordable price. A weather sealed camera that is easier to clean. Easier touch screen menu.

  9. I was about to buy sony a7iii next week this video says me to kinda think and stop now,
    the only draw back in a7iii i feel are the screen quality and the evf,
    will the a7iv come any sooner july ?
    what do you all suggest me, should i go ahead any buy next week or a wait for the a7iv is better..?

  10. I don’t see why Sony would come out with the A5… you can get the A72 with a kit lens for under $900. It has IBIS 5FPS and a 2MP EVF and 1 SD slot. It’s a pretty excellent camera for the price and full frame.

  11. Can someone explain, what is the difference between Sony A7R IV and Sony A7 IV …also A7S III vs A7S or even A7III? SO CONFUSING!

  12. I would definitely love to see all those features that you were talking about in both cameras. To add to the features, they should add better highlight rolloff and better shadow rolloff to make it compete with More cinema cameras.

  13. W want new version of Sony nifty fifty 50mm f1.8 with great sharpness at 5.6-8.0 (current one is very good so far at it but AF system is poor) but with build quality, and AF system from 85mm f1.8 and 35mm f1.8 . Price point in area od 500$ would not be a disaster and impossible to make. 55mm f1.8 Zaiss very good at f1.8 but disappointing at f5.6 and 8.0 on demanding A7R sensors..

  14. Give us the a7 IV with 4K 120 and updated AF for arround $2000

    This would make everybody buy the a7 IV over the upcomming EOS R6 AND R5 , because of the 4K 120 and NOBODY is gonna use 8K anyway because of the storage.
    PLEASE Sony forget about 8K and just focus on improving 4K instead! (Higher fps, better codec, better AF etc.)

  15. Wondering what the "Sony's June SECRET" will be, is it out yet, or did I miss something? BTW thanks for making these great videos, they helped me a lot!

  16. Am I the only one that hates h265? My computer literally murders itself trying to run h265 drone footage.

  17. I'm an indie movie director. I switched from a Canon 6D to a Sony A7S when the A7S came out in 2014. I then upgraded to a Sony A7 III. I have a bunch of Canon glass and now a bunch of Sony native glass. I love the Sony Alpha ecosystem and never thought I would consider switching back to Canon. But the specs of the Canon EOS R5 are mouthwatering for filmmakers, wow… But how many people have a computer capable of editing 8K RAW video? Very few. My 6-core 4.6 GHz machine packs a bunch of editing-dedicated SSD and NvMe drives, 64 GB memory and an RTX 2070 GPU. It's decently powerful but it would crawl to a stop trying to edit 8K RAW video with a few effects. I guess the issue is a lot to do with Adobe Premier Pro being poorly optimised. DaVinci Resolve has much better optimisation. Saying all that, to be able to edit 4K RAW video, I would be prepared to pay the considerable cost of buying a new camera and upgrading my desktop editing machine. I do hope the Sony A7S III has an internal 4K RAW capability. If so, I'll be buying it. If it does not, I'll likely be switching back to Canon and will get the EOS R5.

  18. An 'α7S III' debut is long overdue. If/when Sony quits dragging their feet this would be my ideal all-around full-frame camera, both for video and occasional still photos.

  19. People went super crazy specs but don't realise they have drop thousands upgrading their computers / NLE / storage solutions. I still know colleagues doing 50-60 wedding films a year filming and providing 1080p videos. Where as you got people thinking a better specs camera will get them more work. It won't.

  20. Do you know what I really want from Sony ? Better color science without color grading. Give us a feature that makes brides with spots/acne prettier by softening their skin. I don't want to do it in post.

  21. I’m a recent Nikon convert… currently own the A7iii. I use it mostly for causal photography and often stream online with top down shots. I’d like them to upgrade the touch screen capability and simplify the menus a bit. The network and external bells and whistles can wait. EVF seems fine to me.

  22. I want a camera with a flip-out, full touch screen. I don't think Sony will be announcing that camera, I am thus uninterested.

  23. A bit out of the topic, but please share with us whether Sony a6000 is suitable for beginner portrait photography. If a6000 isnt, kindly recommend other brands.

  24. I don't think there's an ⍺5… Sony has, so far, used their older models as their entry-level, both in the ⍺-series and even down in the RX-series lineup. I think it's inevitable that an ⍺7 IV is coming, and that'll push the ⍺7 III down to around the $1,000 mark.
    The more interesting thing that Sony could do the ⍺7S III with the 48.9 megapixel IMX311 or IMX313 sensor. Those are full frame quad bayer sensors that would give them UltraHD-8K or DCI-8K, but still deliver on great low-light performance at 4K. Sony's been cranking out a bunch of these sensors, but they have yet to appear in any product.
    If there's an ⍺7S III this month, there's no way Sony is responding to the Canon EOS R5. But they haven't needed to. Panasonic's been doing 6K 4:2:2 10-bit in-camera for quite some time, even in full frame since the S1H. Nikon announced 4K off-camera early last year. Heck, even Olympus offers DCI-4K and faster bitrates than anything from Sony today. They can't be confused about the features needed to be competitive, much less to be industry leading.

  25. What about curved sensor camera (if it's that it would likely be with fixed lens, since noone yet have lens for curved sensors). If I'm not mistaken Sony have been working on such sensor. And if they release that it could make a revolution in photography

  26. I would like to see a global shutter – I don’t need 8k now but I am sure I will need to go there soon enough. I would like to see a camera that can be stable enough not to overheat- A solid Raw workflow would be helpful

  27. I think they will skip the small upgrades and move straight to 64k video at 480 fps, 16 bit colour and removable wireless screen which could also be attached and moved at any angle. The newly designed compressed format should be able to store around 30hrs of this type of RAW footage on 16GB cards. I would pay $74 for this camera.

  28. Sony can easily make the a7iv do 1,7K at 120fps. In fact its so easy with their current sensor it would be a sin not to because it would sell more full frame cameras than they ever have, but it needs to be 10 bit. I would be very surprised if sony didn't do this. After all nobody needs 8K because nobody will watch video in 8K, In fact you cant even resolve all of 4k in your eyeball. In my opinion 8k is only good for downsampling into 4k.

  29. I want BlackMagic Raw support– even if it's just with the external BlackMagic recorder. An a7iv with BlackMagic Raw support would be unbeatable in my book.

  30. The most burning issue is – Let us record 4K internally + monitor 4K externally without losing the fucking Face AF. This is super crucial !!!

  31. i doubt Sony does anything underneath the a7iii for ff when they consider it the new basic. I think Sony will go High end before they release a bland fullframe camera to piss everyone off more. I think we get the a7iv first, and the new type of camera they release will be a video centric alpha line of cameras.

  32. its not about what i want, in that small body Tony! I would not hope for too much!!
    if its really an A7Siii a 42MP 4k 60p sensor with some improved stabilisation for videos, unlimited 4:2:2 10b H265 recording, ideally ProRes-RAW if not internal then externally, a GPS, better AF system, some astro enhanced infrared (IR) sensitivity, intervalometer, dual gain sensor with 8k photo-mode. If it can get Olympus style stars focus mode, that would be good too!
    I also like to see some AI computational enhancements to all new cameras from all brands!

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