Sonya Blade Reveal | Official Trailer | Mortal Kombat

Voiced by Olympic Medalist and WWE Champion Ronda Rousey, Sonya Blade is a decorated officer of the Special Forces— always remaining vigilant until all realms are safe from conquest.

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Sonya Blade Reveal | Official Trailer | Mortal Kombat


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49 thoughts on “Sonya Blade Reveal | Official Trailer | Mortal Kombat

  1. I actually really didnt like Sonya's voice acting in the storyline for mk11, before I even knew it was Rousey (so not based on bias). However seeing this video her hearts in the right place, Id either like to see her get more practice give it another go after improvement, or, she could voice another character thats perhaps closer to her natural tone/inflections

  2. Imo, I’m ok with Sonya entirely. She’s fine. She’s ok. I don’t get what the the big fuss is.

  3. Despite all the complaints for the voice of Sonya going into mk11 only after playing a little of mkX I don’t mind the voice acting for Sonya. It just needs work.

  4. You know, Ronda Rousey voicing Sonya isn't necessarily the worst thing, in my opinion. While sure, Ronda's delivery is wooden and not much full of emotion compared to the other VAs (like Steve Blum), one's gotta remember that Sonya isn't a character that is supposed to show too much emotion. She's a military general, after all – a tough-as-nails one at that. She may get some heartwarming moments here and there, but compared to other kombatants? …yeah.

    At least for me, I think Ronda voicing Sonya is okay.

  5. Her voice fits Sonya's character, it's just painfully obvious she's a novice actor. Doesn't even sound like she was directed properly. I would like to dream that in the future they'll re-record and update her lines.

  6. this is where i started to find out mk11 was going to suck, ronda looks like a nice person in real life, but she was a huge miscast a sonya,

  7. Am I the only one who actually like Rounda Rusey dub? I think her voice perfectly fits Sonya's characther. It needs a little bit more work on entonation? Yes. But for a non-profissional actress and dub she did a really good job.

  8. can't believe it!!! My favourite character in MK and RONDA ROUSEY!!!!! The best combination! Ever!!!!

  9. Ronda Rousey? That sore loser as sonya? Well just when i think i couldn't hate sonya any more they find a way
    Ronda was champ in ufc untill real women fighters show up

  10. As I’ve said before, whoever was in charge of replacing Tricia Helfer (you know her don’t lie) with Ronda needs to get fired and be flushed down whatever pit the came from.

  11. I’ve been playing Mk11 for months, struggling against Sonya players, turns out, Ronda is Sonya Blade, no wonder I can’t beat her that often

  12. After I’ve given the game some time I’ve really come to love Rhonda as Sonya I don’t see what the hate is

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