Sony Xperia ZR Water Proof Phone Unboxing & Overview

Sony Xperia ZR Water Proof Android Phone Unboxing & hands on overview, the Xperia ZR sports some very impressive specs like 1.5 Ghz Quad Core processor, 2 GB of RAM, Adreno 320 GPU a 13 MP rear facing camera and I do the unboxing and give you an hands on overview for the Xperia ZR, video shot with Sony HDR PJ380.

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29 thoughts on “Sony Xperia ZR Water Proof Phone Unboxing & Overview

  1. Sir pls help me that some of the mobile shops just said me that the xperia Zr is not available for now so this is true or not xperia zr is available in 2015. Pls reply me sir i am a big fan of u……

  2. GeekyRanjit should i buy Xperia ZR or i shold w8 for OnePlus One
    and plz suggest my some good mobile under 20k

  3. Water gets in from the back where the flash light is located, but it doesn't pass through the orange rubber part where the battery is located, will that damage my Xperia ZR or is that  the way it works, i need help, thanks

  4. hello everyone, can anyone inform me whether the ringtone can be personalized with collection of songs for Xperia ZR?

  5. hey man… the phone have a button for camera and you toch on screen to take a pic??? asehasheahsesah nice …just push camera button and bang… your camera is open you don't need found the app…. nice video thx 😀

  6. ranjit, the water proof dont have problem right? becuz i got see other video, the lens water go in at the front and back camera

  7. I would reccomend the ZR over most modern phones because of pricing and features. The ZR got 4000 more points on the system test than my google nexus 7 which is very impressive. The ZR had 7000 nexus had 4000

  8. i am confusing between xperia z and xperia zr but now my decision is on xperia zr its latest and have some changes….

  9. hey ranjit
    do u get a screen protector in the box ?
    i just bought the phone n i couldnt see a screen protector inside.

  10. Should i go for xperia zr or the nexus 4 ?? Which better i need something for heave usage of texting and calling !!

  11. If you want a game to be in the SD card and not the internal storage then download the game or app's apk file from the internet and send it to the phone.

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