Sony Xperia ZR Review

Hot off the heels of the Xperia Z Ultra, a smaller version has become available. While it can be considered Sony’s take on the ‘Mini’ craze, you might be surprised just how well this smaller version of the Xperia Z can go. Josh brings you his review of the Sony Xperia ZR.


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33 thoughts on “Sony Xperia ZR Review

  1. Sony Zr Accessories nr Available in market tats main problem. Sony other W's nothing good

  2. i have xperia zr, and i have been using it since the last three years, and it gave me no problem at all, it is a good phone, but its camera get sometimes out of focus,
    but seriously its the best phone i have ever had in my life till now

  3. This phone is.. Okay. I've used it. But after a few months/years, it turned into total shit. It's laggy, and Sony won't upgrade the phone to 6.0 anymore.

    Battery life is okay. Sometimes (rarely) I get 4 hours, and most of the time, I get 3 hours+. If you play a lot of heavy games, this will probably last 2 hours, which is terrible.

    It also overheats. Terribly.

  4. do you think this smartphone is good for whatsapp,facebook and camera apps ? does it work good ?anda maybe a ps1 emulator

  5. this phone is shit i say this from personal experience i started having problems connecting to WiFi after 2 months since purchase and been having trouble ever since, they say its water proof but i found water where there shouldn't be after taking it in the pool and following instructions, i really don't recommend u buy it

  6. I am having a problem with my ZR. Earphone is not working. I send it to service cause it is still under warranty, but they told me that they found water inside close to earphone (although it is waterproof) so it is my fault and it is gonna be question if they can solve it.

  7. is the ZR less popular than the Z?I'm really exited to get Z or ZR but im sketchy on both.And the plans.btw this is  going to be my first Android so idk.

  8. I was confused in Xperia ZR, Moto X  and HTC 816.. I went for Sony ZR.
    Its awesome phone with best processing, speed, camera and best battery life with a very beautiful design and many cool features. Its dust proof and water proof. It never lags , never :p. Its speaker sound is not very loud but yet Its good and clear 🙂
    8.5/10 for ZR.
     (Moto X had bad camera and Htc hangs a bit)

  9. I am looking to buy this phone , I really like the size of it, not sure if it will support LTE with T-mobile here in the USA, anyone know ?, also if it doesnt , anyone got any recommendations? has to be android and around this same size

  10. Need an in-depth review of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. If possible then also its comparison with Sony Xperia ZR and Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo.

  11. how is the Loudspeakers ??? i need a phone with a strong loudspeaker…

    xperia SP, xperia M2 or xperia ZR?? (loudspeakers) what is better???

    thx guys !!

  12. Water gets in from the back where the flash light is located, but it doesn't pass through the orange rubber part where the battery is located, will that damage my Xperia ZR or is that  the way it works, i need help, thanks

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