Sony Xperia XZ Review

Meet the most elegant flagship phone on the market right now!



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Camera: Sony RX100 III
Microphone: Zoom H1
Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp 25:
Mouse: Logitech MX Master:
Tripod: Coman CN-0
LED lights (white): Yongnuo YN300
Color LED light bulbs: Revogi Lightbulb
Color LED desk light: Revogi Candle
Color LED strip: Revogi LED Strip
Portable SSD: Samsung T1


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41 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ Review

  1. This phone is terrible. It constantly ask to update, like every five minutes, the selfie camera doesn't have a flash and it over heats therefore the camera doesn't work for long because it closes itself due to high temperatures.

  2. Bought this phone for my father and I still cannot get over the stereo speaker setup. And the screen, oh my god. I might buy myself one.

  3. I bought a sony xperia xz for $80 the seller said the power button doesnt work well when it does work, the display is one of the best ive seen to date.

  4. Is the audio quality good on this one,? especially in headset? I have an xz1 compact and it's very good in headset audio

  5. I regret buying this phone. Its has the high end features but the performance is not so. 3gb ram and ram consumption is always above 70%. And if you play a game, it heats up fast and hangs. You cant play even a small game in this. If you want to keep it just to receive calls and make calls, this is the best. But why would you pay such a huge amount of money for basic features?

  6. This phone still looks great, IMO. After this I have used xiaomi mi8se and now essential phone, XZ is much more comfortable to use.

  7. I recently bought it and I gotta admit its the best Sony phone I ever had! and I use Sony only since Sony Ericsson

  8. as a 2 nearly 3 years owner, I can say that it's the baddest phone I've ever had. And it even cost me 700 euros….

  9. I've had this phone for a little more than 2 years since it came out and the only gripe I have with it is that the speakers are too soft, even on max volume. Screen 1080p? No problem, plenty sharp for me eyes. Only ONE rear camera for a 2016 phone? Pfft. Who needs 2 average cameras when you can have 1 camera that excels? Audio jack? TAKE MY MONEY!!! Speakers are just too soft for my ears. I've switched to the LG G7 since then and never regretted it. The speakers (or should I say, speaker) on that bad boy is life. Hold it on your hand and you get loud and clear sound. But when you place it on a table flat, apart from loud and clear sound, you also get bass which you can only get on those expensive high end external bluetooth speakers. They not only provided an audio jack. They made it better. With a dedicated D.A.C. to boot. The cameras excels on it too.

  10. This is an awful phone to own, everything about it sucked. My new XZ2 premium still works after a few months, so it's already a million times better

  11. This phone was great when I bought it the first time but after a year I notice that it lags so much, heating with such little tasks, overheats like crazy when you do video calls and recording videos. It's becoming unbearable and what annoys me the most is when you really need to do something with your phone like making calls and sending files it occasionally gets really slow and sometimes becomes unresponsive and would just crash.

  12. this is the best phone for the usability
    Now every companies including apple focus on bezelless smartphones, which looks good but not comfortable design

  13. as a owner of it for 1 and a half year, i can say that its trash.every app stops responding, its overheating even while watching youtube at low brightness, phone lags like its a phone form 2011. camera is great tho, but even that overheats after 5 minutes of 1080p 30 fps recording. i've done multiple hard resets, have installed like 4 apps and the problem still isn't away. last sony phone. the z3 started the heating and all the above problems. the z2 was the best sony phone.

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