Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review

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Josh returns to the Sony Xperia line with their most powerful one yet, in this review of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

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48 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review

  1. Using it for 3 years now, and it still works as the first day, including battery. Sony does some quality products.

  2. I've just ordered a pre owned one of these from someone on Ebay to replace my Z5. I've had my Z5 for 4 years and I still love it now. Me and that phone have been through some ups n downs. Best phone I've ever had!

    I also have a Samsung S8 that I've had for the past almost 2 years and I love that phone too. But I'm still leaning towards Sony's phones as my favourite. They've just got the edge over any other for me.

  3. 2020? Still warching with my sony xperia xz premium but for the last week im about to buy New phone

  4. i still use this phone with full satisfaction, This is my 8th sony phone since the sony walkman and K series :). I recently ordered the Xperia 5 ♥ sony forever

  5. I have this phone already. And I watched this video before I use this Xperia XZ Premium. This is the best phone for me.

  6. This phones only £150 on ebay now but it just looks so outdated compared to the modern 6 inch plus Samsung and Huawei phones we have in 2020 , still though a very powerful phone for its time

  7. I bought this phone but it felt like it was a proto type , i was super happy , cuz i believed in sony even more than samsung , i sent it back , i still cant believe it , i tell myself only that phone was like that it felt so so cheap . Has anybody else such experience ?

  8. Awful phone, worst I ever had, too expensive for 1 year usage, after it been 2x for repair, immediately after 2nd one it broke again and I had no patience to deal with it as I already had some cheap xiaomi as spare, looking forward for Samsung again

  9. So… what I'm hearing is [US/North America version] DOES have fingerprint sensor capability but it's just DISABLED ? -(And requires some know-how and time to enable) – but the hardware is there on the phone for sure? 🤔🤔🤔

  10. The best thing I've done is ditch the Sony, it always used to over heat in normal use.
    I could never film video on it as it would close down with a warning that it was overheating.

  11. I've owned this phone for two years. Never ever had any problems with it. And always felt smug showing off my 4K display capabilities to my friends. I'd buy the new Sony flagship, but it's out of my price range at the moment, and I need a new phone asap after dropping and cracking the screen of the XZ P. RIP. I'll miss 4K YouTube. I'll miss having a dedicated PlayStation app. I'll miss all the other small quirks that make Sony phones niche and cool.

  12. I had a Z5 Premium given by my sister, it overheats after 5 minutes whenever I record in 4k resolution unless I am in a cold place.

  13. My first smartphone was an Xperia Arc. Had other brands after but still wanted a Sony so I bought a Xperia XA in 2017. I accidentally dropped it and smashed the screen. Currently using a Huawei mate 10 pro. Xperia XZ Premium is my next phone..

  14. I wanna get this because its amazing aaand has bezels … I hate bezeless phones today… To modern for me

  15. Why do people keep saying there's hardly any 4K content available? There's plenty and it'll only become more common as time goes bye and I prefer saying its future proof rather than ahead of its time. Theres no negative to having something "ahead of its time."

  16. That shit is way too laggy. 4k is a complete overkill for phones. This is why most flagships are sticking to 2k or even 1080 resolutions

  17. All the Sony haters just have to look towards the xperia 1……yes that is why we choose Sony, worlds first every year and by far the best display on a smartphone ever!!!!

  18. Owned mine now for 1.5 years, too bad i have to say this is the worst flagship phone i've had uptil now, switching back to samsung soon.
    Sony's built quality is dreadfull

  19. why a screen does not look as good as s9 screen or even better 4k vs 2k and 807ppi vs 500+ weird 😀

  20. i have wifi signal issue on my Xperia XZP.
    the signal is lost and will be normal when i restart my XZP.
    and tge signal will be lost again and again.
    please.. do you know how to fix it?

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