Sony Xperia XZ Premium Back Cover Repair Guide

In this video, I will show you how to replace the broken Back Cover of Sony Xperia XZ Premium.
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I did a drop test before(link for Drop Test: ) and unfortunately break the Back Cover on the test, the cover was made by glass and would easily get crack when accidentally drop or hit. To do this replacement you should be careful of the shutters on the cover, put on gloves if needed.
P.S. When you open the phone and replace the Back Cover, it is sure that your XZ Premium would not be waterproof anymore.

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1. Hair dryer/Heat Gun
2. Plastic Card
3. Spudger

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47 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ Premium Back Cover Repair Guide

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  6. Shitty repair video: you didn't connect the NFC cable to the new back. You also didn't show people to clean the old glue that holds the back in place and that should be done.

  7. Hi witrigs the sides of my phone are now white, i had it all silver but on the sides its becoming white, how can i solve this problem?

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