Sony Xperia XZ Premium: 960fps slow-motion camera in-depth look

As we’ve seen from your comments, many of you guys are excited for Sony’s next flagship, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

One feature in particular has grabbed much of the attention, Sony’s super 960fps slow-motion camera. Being able to shoot at 960 frames per second is pretty much unheard of on a smartphone, and is still a relatively neat trick in the world of point and shoot, and the video we were able to capture looked better than we’ve seen from any smartphone.

There are some caveats though: it’s only 720p, rather noisy if you’re in any kind of low light, and the camera is fairly zoomed in, so you’ll only really be able to capture long shots.

Once you’ve watched our in-depth look, let us know what you think about Sony’s new slow-motion feature.


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31 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ Premium: 960fps slow-motion camera in-depth look

  1. This phone has the BEST battery lifespan I've used thanks to Qnovo. I've been using the XZ Premium as my daily driver for almost 3 years now and have not noticed any battery degradation. Still lasts one and a half days with normal usage.

    My previous phone before this was a S7 and oh boy the battery after one and a half years was terrible. The S7 could barely last half a day and it had to be constantly connected a power bank.

    I'm glad I made the switch, partly because it was the only phone that had 960 fps at that time and that I like the UI more; less sluggish than the S7

  2. How to take normal video then slow mo and then back to normal again.
    Is it edited or from camera feature?

    Please help

  3. Sony innovates….way back from crt tv era…from triniton…to..triluminous display…to Bravia engine….

  4. Hi bro it's so osam video
    But I need to watch OPPO f9 vs Sony Xperia xz premium camara & fast & water test.
    Please make this videos pls pls.

  5. Having bought this XZ Premium accidentally, the whole offer is amazing. Great Phone, good software, Android Pie, bomb of a processor, camera with 30 sq mm sensor, great night shoot, stabilized sensor, and this 960 frames per second !!!

  6. Another Super Slow Motion using Samurai Sword using Xperia XZ Premium:

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