Sony User tries the Nikon Z6!

In this video, I test out the Nikon Z6 while doing an urban photoshoot in Downtown Chicago!

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50 thoughts on “Sony User tries the Nikon Z6!

  1. Thanks Manny, after this video I went and purchased this camera. Im coming from a D500 and D750 but this camera it is just awesome. Im still playing with it. Now im saving for my Z24-70 F2.8 lens

  2. Thanks manny I currently have the A9 but I just can’t get used to it I know the A9 is a awesome camera it’s just a personal choice so I’ll be moving to the Z6. Thanks

  3. I have Nikon Z6 and Sony A7III. I don't like the EVF and LCD monitor of the A7III. Z6 has bad focus in low light, battery life and white balance.

    But both are great camera.

  4. Hey Manny, I was wondering if you've ever done a video discussing the business side of your photography. Are you shooting brands with these models? Do you make money off these shoots? Is it for portfolio building? Or is this a hobby? Pardon my ignorance, I don't know anything about the photography industry.

  5. z6 or z7 or D850, if I have to stay with Nikon, I love the Sony 7aIII but already have some Nikon glass and a friend with Nikon Glass to borrow.

  6. Hey Manny. Could you make a follow up video of the Nikon with the new firmware update for eye af? And if you could get the new 24-70 f/2.8, amazing. Thanks

  7. you got great shots. beautiful colors and IQ. One note on the lenses – optically the S 35 and 50 have compared very favourably with glass such as the Otus line. They perform that well wide open and ideal for video work on a gimbal for hybrid shooters. I think Nikon were smarter than Canon with their initial lens lineup. The 501.2 RF is gorgeous, but it is noisy for video and slow to focus in stills. It's a specialist halo product for portraiture and low light. Similar the 85 1.2. Nikon have a 50 1.2 on the roadmap and I think it was smart to start with reasonably fast glass first that is hybrid optimized for both stills and video. Just my 0.02

  8. I buy CANON EOS R over nikon z6 and sony a7iii , canon in the right way and i like the photos from canon so much , even in high iso i feel it like more grainy than noice, and the image quality more details more colors ,, i just shot im not a videographer so i don't care about crop 4K … What you think .. i did a best choice for me but what about your opinion ?

  9. 15 years with canon and there is two weeks i switched to this z6 with a z 24-70 f4 and a z 50mm f1.8 and I’m sooooooo happy with this choice !

  10. I hope you get a chance to also try out a Panasonic S1. I've tried out the Nikon Z6, Canon R and Sony A7III but ended up choosing the S1. The ergonomics, color science and plethora of customization won me over. Talk about feeling like a PRO camera! You have to check it out when you get a chance. I'm sure you like so many will feel weary of the DFD focusing but thus far it hits all I aim at and instantly.

  11. Sad we were not able to see how Atomos Ninja Star records EVF. thinking of buying that recorder. Anyway, great video!

  12. Would still opt for Nikon D850 Over Zs if we are talking portraiture… the Zs are Nikon’s Entry into Video Mixed use and that FTZ is an apology for trying to ween Nikon shooters away from the 90 plus Legacy lenses while waiting for the FAR MORE EXPENSIVE Z lenses that will produce about the same quality… stills. Video is a whole ‘bother story.

  13. Well nice , great video. One think . With the Nikon you have lenses all the way back to 1959 that will fit the adapter.

  14. I switched from D850 to Z6 and Z7. I am not regret for 1 second. Z6 it's just good as the Z7 minus the resolution. Z series compare to D850 wins 7 out 10 test. Mirrorless features just to good to ignore and very useful.
    Pros: light weight, EFV, IBIS, more focusing points, bigger lens selection extended with Z series lenses, more compact, better in low light, silent shooting, continuous live view via LCD or EVF in video mode with no loss AF capability between switching. Far better video features than D850.

    Cons. Weak CAF for stills, 1 card slot, no backlight illumination, 

    Overall, It's a great first generation mirrorless, yes it needs some improvement, especially in the field of quality of lenses and CAF system, but I would recommend anyone who already has a setup for Nikon.
    If you new photographer and don't have any lenses and not setup yet with any brand, than I may would recommend to go with Sony.

  15. Bro at 2:25 you have serious ghosting… ISO too high, shutter too high, poor dynamic range. Are you shooting A mode Jesus.

  16. Also worth noting is that there are adaptors available to use Cannon EOS R lenses and Leica M lenses etc to Nikon Z mount

  17. I really wish the lenses were better on the z-series. I love the body of the z-series so much but the lenses are unspectacular for the price. Only reason I’m tolerating the Canon R is because their lenses are the best IMO, but long term I think that means they’ll have the best system despite that Nikon/Sony will likely always have the better-speced bodies.

  18. Great review – nice to see an objective and unbiased approach – there's room for all brands and competition drives innovation 👍

  19. I have Nikon Z6 and Sony A7 lll,so my experience of Z6 is really positive,you tell almost those same things why i like much more my Z6 than A7 lll, grip ergonomic feel handling,much better evf than sony,so much more clear and bright,touchscreen for all to use,focus,menu etc. then colours at picture,i just like more Z6 colours,adapted old Nikon lenses works really good without hunting, shutter sound so smooth,display so clear,then ok A 7lll have more faster focus when shoot moving objects,have eyeAf ( but that come at Z6 too at new firmware) so that not then anymore so big pros for Sony maybe later,only maybe that animal eyeAf make A7 lll then more "super" with focus systems and that after take picture,time with after shot to view photo to next shot is more short at Sony A 7lll really than Nikon,Z6 have pretty long that time see next shot and see next focus from rear screen

  20. Chicago is such a great place to be a photographer. Great architecture, the seasons change, and lots of beautiful & talented people there to work with.

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