Sony NEX-5 First Impressions (feat. Panasonic GF1)

With the popularity of mirror-less, interchangeable lens camera systems with ample-sized sensors continually growing at a steady rate it was inevitable that other companies would jump on the bandwagon. Sony is the latest contender, and on paper it looks like it packs a lot of potential, with a 14 megapixel APS-C sized sensor and a whole host of other features that include sweeping panorama, HDR and smile shutter. But it also looks the part, with a very sleek body. Does it perform as well as it looks?

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Sony NEX-5

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26 thoughts on “Sony NEX-5 First Impressions (feat. Panasonic GF1)

  1. I use the Nex-5N with a 30mm Sigma Art Lens for my night photos when I don't want to carry my D610 and I love it, not sure as to why his photos are coming out so blurry. I never had issues with it. It's a good camera in my opinion.

  2. I just bought a Sony a5000. I'm here to find out if I can go back one more generation to the NEX5 (and save myself $300) or not. Also, how does the model look 6 years later… the girl/model I mean… did she hold up, too???

  3. Hey I dont know if u or any1 can help me but i have the sony nex5t and it will only shoot long videos in fine quality ie 24p17m or 60i17m so i cant shoot in maximum quality such as 60i24m 24p24m. When i select those settings i only get like 30sec recording time. Do u know if its because of the size memory card? Its a regular class 4 8gb

  4. I'm only interested In seeing footage from this camera, show me what your are shooting and film the review on it as well.

  5. I have just wasted some valuable time with a moron, from Hong Kong or some other British colony, trying to sound smart and look knowledgeable.
    Get real you idiot!

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