Sony NEX-3N vs NEX-5 vs NEX-5N vs NEX-6 // Which NEX Camera Is Right For You?

In this video I compare the Sony NEX 3N, 5, 5N, and 6. These are all great little cameras, but they each have their specific pros and cons.

Check out my reviews of these cameras! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
NEX 3:
NEX 5:
NEX 6:

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My Gear:

Canon EOS RP:

Sigma 24mm f/1.4:
Canon 50mm f/1.8:
Canon 24mm f/2.8:
Sony 28-70mm:

—Other Gear—
EF Adapter:
Editing Laptop:
Studio Lights:


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31 thoughts on “Sony NEX-3N vs NEX-5 vs NEX-5N vs NEX-6 // Which NEX Camera Is Right For You?

  1. your vids are great and I think the nex6 is super, I don't know if ya know this but the nex 6 was produced in sony's first Indonesian plant, way make for 6-9mo's I think before it was completely destroyed by a earthquake or something, they rebuilt the plant and made it for another year or something before it was hit by another disaster or just closed, going totally off of memory and my facts might be messed up, but it is an extremely well built camera and is absolutely relevant in 2020

  2. thank God finally your just confusing me in the other videos we are on a broke budget we are upgrading to a multicam system and we want to buy them cheap we don't care about audio because we are recording straight into filmora 9. so which one? I love the videos but dang ! and what lens I am doing a cooking show.

  3. Great video. But I've got one question. In Your opinion which camera is better nex 5n (which is a bit more expensive) or nex 5r?

  4. I have a NEX-5T: what type of lenses should I buy? Where can I get some second-hand lenses? I heard I could use an adapter to mount Canon lenses…would that be convenient? Is it because there are more second-hand Canon-type lenses around? (Very beginner here…sorry!) Thank you for your videos!!

  5. Hi Fox. I just bought a Sony NEX 5t after watching your videos. Thing is: I am in Europe and it offers only a 25p Movie choice, no 24p. Is ther a workaround this European stuff to allow shooting 24fps on this camera here? Thanks.

  6. Watched quite a few of your Sony cameras videos.. You are doing good job. I agree your background setup looks very nice! Pls did any of NEX 6 firmware updates bring clean HDMI output option to that camera?

  7. Do any of these compete with the Eos M? Especially with the Magic Lantern firmware, but also with the stock one. I've been thinking of the 5R and 5T over these, and trying to figure out which to get for my sister. It would be nice to keep her in the E mount so I can help her find more glass (more familiar with E mount from my A6300), but the Eos M is super appealing to me for the aftermarket firmware support, and it's not like EF glass is bad or hard to come by. Might even be better for her. IDK.

  8. Hey you are my go to guy for cheap cameras just subscribed and trust yourself I watched until the end of the video

  9. I have had a NEX-6 since it first came out but only now (during corona downtime) have I really started learning to use it. I have the kit lens and a Sony 55-210 telephoto. I'd like to buy my first prime lens and based on your videos, I am leaning towards the Sigma 16mm 1.4. If you have a different recommendatiom, please let me know. Be safe! Judy in NH.

  10. I was going to buy a NEX 5N or a A5000, but I couldn't live without the viewfinder. The funny thing was, people in my area were selling the 5N and the A5000 for around the same price as the NEX 6 ($160 USD with kit lens).

  11. keep up the good work,im a new subscriber and i hope to see this channel grow!
    thank you,hello from israel

  12. Greetings from Russia. Thanks to your video, I saw that my screen on the NEX-5 can turn down (WOW!), and this is after 1 year of use. Success in your work!

  13. Please do the video on the Nex 3n, I purchased it because of your suggestions. The studio looks great by the way

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