SONY Hi Res Walkman ZX100HN

Sony are ready to take another crack at the portable audio market. Can they take back what was once theirs is a market that they pioneered?

Unfortunately from what I heard this Walkman is not for everyone, because its likely to be pretty damn expensive. That is going by the pricing of the earlier version.

Now I’m not sure if isolating a very small part of the SONY audience is the best choice when trying to recapture Walkmans former glory. What do you think?

Anyway check this thing out & let me know what you think.

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14 thoughts on “SONY Hi Res Walkman ZX100HN

  1. Sony makes surveys and this is why this player lacks big screen and video player – it meant for audiophiles only (and only audiophile could drop 700 USD for this). No one really needs 6 inch screen for listening to the music, 2.5 inch colored screen is more than enough. I own this item and do not imagine such stupidity like watching any sorts of videos/movies on it… For what purpose? To test new magnifying loop? 🙂

  2. Kills me about screen size. It don’t need to be big to see the track playing. Plus it being small makes it slip in the pocket better. It now been replace by the ZX300.

  3. The sound and battery timing is amazing on this and that's what counts. Screen and other features WILL ALWAYS COMPROMISE BATTERY LIFE.

  4. I had this player and sent it back, precisely for its horrible screen. The design however, is gorgeous in real life and the sound is supergood too. But although it is an audio device, I still want to look at album art on a good display. Moreover, a device this premium just needs a screen to do it justice and not make it look like something that's ten years old.

  5. Very disappointed in Sony. . . I highly doubt Sony will release another firmware update to fix the freezing issue!!!

  6. For those of you curious about high res audio, try Sony's Walkman A20 series. The difference between MP3s and High Quality audio formats (FLAC, AIFF, etc.) is outstanding. I plan on upgrading from my A20 to the ZX100 soon. Stay away from ZX2. The Android OS eats away at the battery, and is almost identical in audio quality as the ZX100.

  7. this is the many reasons why i dont like Sony, sorry guys i had a Sony phone once last year and some how i cracked the screen, it was in my bag and it cracked what….

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