Sony Hi-Res Audio PHA-3 and MDR-Z7.

I am reviewing in this video the Sony PHA-3 headphone amplifier/dac and the top of the class Sony headphones MDR-Z7.

The PHA-3 headphone amplifier converts Hi-Res signals (PCM 384 kHz/32 bit and DSD) from your device’s digital output for you to enjoy through headphones such as the new MDR-Z7. High-end D/A conversion technology ensures a remarkably spacious, three-dimensional soundstage with superb channel separation. Perfect for home usage, the amplifier’s balanced output can directly drive the MDR-Z7 for an absolutely uncompromised signal chain – right to your ears.

Auto input selection allows easy connection with a wide range of portable devices, including compatible Walkman and Xperia models, PCs, iPod, iPad and iPhone (via Lightning Digital AV Adapter). Sony’s S-Master HX digital amplifier helps maintain absolute signal purity, and convenient USB battery charging allows up to 7.5 hours of High-Resolution listening.

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21 thoughts on “Sony Hi-Res Audio PHA-3 and MDR-Z7.

  1. im a producer , the chart there is niot correct , you didnt hear anything above 48khz , or CD , even if you have 182khz file its an upscale from 96khz , if even that , 90% of time just 44khz , no one can hear difference between wav or flac above 44khz , and 90% of time ther is no difference . Maybe you should tell us how it Repairs bad MP3 since im a producer , repairing audio for 2-3 years, exclusively , i want to know how to do that .

  2. For those who still believe that 'Hi-Res' is anything more than a marketing tactic, please take the time to read this:

    I've bought 24/96 downloads, so I'm hardly immune, but production quality when the recording was made is far more important than bitrate/depth. I've read good things about upsampling to 384kHz but at this point in time its not something my laptop can comfortably achieve – happy to hear from those who've experienced it firsthand.

  3. Hehe I thought he was talking about classical music all the time (assumed by the piano) but no, he likes Rammstein! Now for me that's a good reference point!

  4. Great review. Saw it several months ago, now come back. Sir, could you please tell your opinion. I have taken a Tidal HiFi streaming subscription and would like to get Chord Mojo to get HiFi sound quality. What source would you choose in this case? iPhone or some player? What is the ideal variant? Thank you.

  5. Hi, I have the pha-3 and have it hooked up to itunes. When I play back my high res files the front hi fi light or the dsd light don't go on. So I'm wondering if i'm getting the hi fi sound. What are your thoughts? thank you

  6. If you use a balanced pair of headphone, can a regular pair of headphone be simultaneously listening through the third port?

  7. I listen mainly to jazz and classical music and these headphones are serving me perfectly. I love every single genre played with my Sony Z7s. Sony has done it right with the Z7 and the Z1R. Of course heavy bass music will bring the best from there HP but do not be confused by crappy Beats and Sony art. Sony Z7 gives you amazing sound in every range from bass to midrange to hights. It is a complete package. I used Audiotecnica most of my life as I believe it makes the most sounding appealing equipment on the planet but these Sony Z7 have replaced my ATH MSR-7 with full force!! Thank you Sony for these amazing headphones that cost only 450USD but sound like well over 1000 USD sisters headphones. Now I am about to purchase a PHA3 with balanced Kimble cable.

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