Sony a7siii Rumors Update! | Sony Rumors 2020

The latest Sony A7siii rumors are crazy, but what does it mean with the recent rumors coming out about Canon? Is the world finally going to get the all elusive Sony A7siii that’s been teased for the past several years? 8k video? 61MP sensor? How will it stack up against the rumored Canon R5? It seems like there is going to be a good year for the two heavy hitters, but who will come out on top?

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Rumored Sony A7siii specs:

• Will it be called the Sony A7siii or Sony A7siv to keep it consistent with its other lines?
• New 15.36MP sensor developed by Sony 
• Stacked design with integral  memory / *BSI w/Quad Bayer Design* (most likely) 
• Possible super resolution mode (61MP) 
• Oversampled 4.8K footage can be captured, which would look exactly like 6K in a 3840 x 2160 file. 
• There is information of a new Sony 36mp sensor capable of shooting 8k but will it make it into the Sony a7siii 
• I can see Team Canon and Team Sony getting really divided 
• 4K 120 is a possibility  
• 4K HDR capture at 60P 
• Could we see H.265 recording XEVC which should provide 12-bit 4k and 1080 full HD 240fps and 10-bit 
• Sony recently announce the FX9, could the A7SIII feature the similar 19mp sensor 
• Dual Memory Cards – not quite sure which cards will be used ( I personally think sony should go with CFExpress but UHS-III)
• 50-128000 ISO

Tamron Lenses? 
• Up to 6 new Tamron FE lenses this year

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Sony A7siii will be the top dog? Or Should Sony be worried about the rumored Canon R5? Let us know in the comments below.


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22 thoughts on “Sony a7siii Rumors Update! | Sony Rumors 2020

  1. The wait is over! Sony will announce the long-awaited A7s III on July 28, 2020. Is this the camera you've been waiting for? Let me know below.

  2. Digital Goja, nice analysis. I can't wait for the A7S iii to come out. I will be filming my videos in caves everywhere muahahahahahaha

    For all real though, I do often become frustrated with the low light performance of the Sony A7iii + 20mm F1.8 Sony Lens. I feel it could be a lot better. You can see it struggle in the dark in my recent Stanley Park video.

  3. Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of the S line and it's low light capabilities if they increase the megapixels? I thought the lower megapixel count helped capture more light.

  4. 4:10 The fx9 only records 10-bit 4k up to 60fps. Still a beast of a camera, but for the 10k price I wish it was 4k @ 120fps lol. Great video, thanks for the content.

  5. So basically peoples fantasy is updated by more fantasy. R5 is not rumored anymore, it's real.

  6. I have the a6500 and just never upgraded. Been wanting a camera with good mp for photo and 4K60 and 10bit for video. But nothing good atm from Canon or Sony.
    So, I never bothered to upgrade yet… so, I'm still waiting.
    Dont even know what glass to get

  7. I think you’re spot on with the new codec shooting 12bit internally is a MUST for this new camera. Although I would love that, I wonder how well that codec performs to color grading and what type of data rates we’re looking at, is it like braw? The 61mp mode is most likely a stacked type of picture similar to what some of the Panasonic’s can do, if that’s the case the camera will be a hybrid failure in my opinion. I think if canon does what rumors are saying about the R5 and Fuji coming out with a monster x-t4 Sony will have a very difficult time competing.

  8. After 4 years of never-ending promises of a new A7 SIII and fabulous tales that it would be over our expectations – Sony did nothing to produce anything like that. Their FX 9 is rather FS7 on steroids than a new level of camera. A 6K sensor which is recording only UHD internally – is a toy these days, when we have Panasonic S1H that records internally 6K 10 bit.. FX 9 – with no internal RAW but only withy an external recorder and only with extra paid, heavy and inconvenient Sony interface. Just funny. Sony was always defending their more expensive equipment, so FS 7 had better features than A7 SII. That is their policy. So if ever A 7 SIII will be born, it would never have the same, or better features than FX 9. Due to Chinese big problems with Corona virus and it’s influence on the industry and production – also for Sony’s mirrorless cameras – A7 SIII would be probably ready just about the end of this year. And with “fantastic” promise to record 4K 10 bits internally 60p cropped, it would only say to Panasonic, Fuji and may be Canon : “I’m sorry, I’m late”. And faithful Sony users after these 5 years of waiting would say “We are sorry too, but we have moved to Panasonic, Fuji or Canon”. I just did it lately and I’m so happy with S1 H.

  9. Hmm, what about us that only want to shoot stills? Why pay for a camera with complicated video features. I would guess that less than 1 out of 100 photographers use their dslr/slr camera for video.

  10. not changing yet from Sony camcorder and Canon M50 I am happy but more acessoreies for Sony AX33 eye cup and camera stap that fits the tripode mount and lens and also eye cup for M50 stay safe see ya

  11. If it doesn't have better specs than the Fuji XT3 which has been out for well over a year (4k 60fps 10 bit color 4:2:0), then it will fail. Especially with the XT4 and Canon R5 coming very soon. Sony needs to stop trying to protect their cinema line and give people an affordable hybrid cinema camera like Fuji, Panasonic and Canon are currently doing.

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