Sony A7S3 & FX6 – Why I'm worried for Sony after todays Announcement!

How well is Sony going to Compete in 2020? A7S III & FX6
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38 thoughts on “Sony A7S3 & FX6 – Why I'm worried for Sony after todays Announcement!

  1. Get your NO credit card required Squarespace trial +10% off! (HIGHLY recommended)
    What are your thoughts with Sony in 2020? Do you agree with what I think they should do? Let me know!
    This camera will DEFINITELY compete well in 2020!

  2. You have been worried about the A7S3 for years, now it's here about to prove you wrong max hahaha suck it. Also, your a good guy.

  3. I think Canon had some clever marketing going on with the imminent R5. And if there is going to be an R6 that will prove very popular too, especially with Canon users who perhaps have existing 5D DSLR's. I predict some Sony owners will jump ship to Canon when these 2 beasts come out. Knowing Sony they will probably release the A7 iv before an A7s iii. I just don't see that there will be any radical improvements in video specs; maybe 10 bit 4:2:0 30p and the same average IBIS (if at all), poor touchscreen and underwhelming EVF. Even Nikon Z6/Z7 can output 10 bit in N-Log and even 12 bit RAW via the paid update & Atomos Ninja.

  4. Hopefully we will learn more by the end of the month from Sony according to rumors. What an exciting summer would it be to see Canon against Sony, not exactly in the same range but even though, very interesting ! Thanks Max for your vid 😉

  5. sony needs to add that touch update to every sony camera that has touch focus. we have the abil5to touch to focus why not allow us to navigate the menus with the touch as well

  6. sony just need to release a 4k60p full frame mirroless. it doesnt even need to have 10bit internal , 10bit external would be good enough imo.

  7. Sony have a pretty long history of gimping their devices via software (Ps2 & Ps3 in particular), on the ps3 one of their heads deliberately left out a bunch of capabilities from the SDK because "it allows us to turn them on later and make games look better over time".

  8. Raw video with 10 bits and an advanced ibis similar to Panasonic….comeon this is 2020 when can expect that from sony

  9. Sony has choked themselves out by spreading their lines too thin. I don't think the average user really understands the differences between the A6xx and A7xx cameras, understandably so. They are now having too much trouble maintaining their product hierarchy and avoiding cannibalizing sales to respond to market trends effectively. They could have killed the game with the low light of the A7Sii, AF of the A6500, and the internal processing of the FS7 all in the form factor and END of the FS5, but that would kill a chunk of their lineup, but make the best camera on the market.

  10. Remember when everyone was afraid for Canon because they had a cripple hammer? I just don't get the worry. Sony is a massive corporation and they'll be fine.

  11. So I got a Fujifilm X-T30 for $900. It does 4k 60fps at 10bit 4:2:2 in f-log. If a new cine camera can't at least do that in 2020 and beyond, that's unacceptable. And we don't even know if it will be full-frame?With each passing year entry-level mirrorless photo cameras get closer to cine camera performance with just a couple added accessories, making the price, size, and form factor of cine cameras seem more and more obsolete.

  12. Why do all the reviewers when reviewing new or upcoming DSLR or mirrowless cameras seem to concentrate on the video aspect of the cameras. I have just watch this video, some on the the EOS R5 and others about Nikon and all they do is talk about the video on the cameras. Most photographers I know very rarely use video. Photojournalists, Landscape, Wildlife, Real Estate, Advertising and enthusiasts have very little use of video. The main video users would be I believe wedding photographers and they make up only a small portion of the total camera market. Personally I look to ISO, dynamic range, battery life, availability of good glass, ports, GPS etc

  13. The A7III is still better than anything you can buy, why on earth would you be worried for Sony when Canon doesn’t even have 1 camera that can compete with Sony’s two year old “basic” camera?

  14. Firmware upgrades are the best news ever for Sony camera owners. After this and the A9 firmware announcement, I'm crossing my fingers for an A7RIV firmware upgrade with some nice goodies. Wouldn't it be nice if we got shutter sensor protection, touch menus, medium resolution raw files etc. on the A7RIV without having to shell out a nickel?

  15. Many years we had drama for canon now we have for Sony. And you worried about Sony? Really?! It s better to say for sony user's not for Sony.

  16. I need 4k 120 even more than I need 8k. I'd much prefer a 12mp low light monster like the S line always has been, but with Sony's modern AF systems and a faster processor for 120p and less rolling shutter, than something trying to pull double duty as a stills camera. Sony has the A7R line for stills shooters, and the A7 is for hybrid people. The A7S is for video shooters. Lets keep it that way. In the future when Sony gets off their ass and integrates literally any thermal solution (take apart an A6300, there's not even a pad connecting the CPU to the external chassis for heat dissipation), it'd be cool to see the next A7R be the 8k video offering, since it already has a high enough MP sensor for it. Then everyone would be happy.

  17. Why the thumbnail? Be true to your viewers. It’s better to gain a little rightly than to gain a lot un righteously.

  18. Honestly if the FX6 has the same exact feature set as the FS5 II except with a full frame sensor it'd be plenty to compete. The FS5 II can output to an Atomos recorder through SDI and record 4K 120p ProRes RAW. This would make the FX6 and FX9 almost exact full frame sensor counterparts to the FS5 II and FS7 II.

  19. I don't much care about getting in camera 10-bit recording. And I don't care about 4:2:2 at all, if it's not 4:4:4, it may as well be 4:2:0. Just give me 4K60, 6K30, actually good IBIS, eliminate the rolling shutter, and a flippy screen. Preferably in APS-C/Super35. Crops are acceptable if it's full frame.

  20. HI max we want to konw , is Apple Afterburner work well with hackintosh? Can u make a video about that , that will be what we hope!!

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