Sony A7III vs Nikon Z6 – Who Won the Mirrorless War?

Sony A7III vs Nikon Z6 – Who Won the Mirrorless War?
Sony A7 III –
Nikon Z6 –
Luminar 4 – Discount code: THS10

CZ / SK Sony A7 III –
CZ / SK Nikon Z6 –

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –
Tripod: Zomei 699C –
Monitor: Feelworld MA6 –

Watch: Spinnaker Bradner –

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31 thoughts on “Sony A7III vs Nikon Z6 – Who Won the Mirrorless War?

  1. My Top 10 Photography / Filmmaking Investments –
    Editing software: Luminar 4 – | Discount code: THS10

  2. sledujem video z Japonska. – Hmmm…. Zda sa mi, ze ten clovek ma slovensky prizvuk v tej anglictine, foto: Bratislavky hrad! wh000t… Sledujem dalej … Pezinok !!! Wh000t, tam som vyrastal 😀

  3. This video is now null and void as Nikon released their new firmware that corrected and added features m

  4. "both use full sensor in 4k" doesn't the Sony a7iii CROP above 24p/4k? One key reason I'm considering the Nikon z6.

  5. Thanks for the review. Knowing the history of Nikon versus Canon when it was the autofocus that cause Canon to surpass Nikon in the sports arena, it's sad to see Nikon loosing out to other companies because they make fantastic lenses. They either never prioritized it or got the autofocus right, it's a shame. I am surprised that the Sony now has surpassed Nikon in the higher iso ranges. I'm still holding out on the mirrorless though. When digital first came out with the 2 megapixels and 2 second delay when you pressed the shutter to when the shutter actually fired, I held out a few years. I still can't get past the battery life of these mirrorless cameras and their slow flash sync. I have a friend who gets all the latest and greatest in photo gear and twice either my D40 or D7000 bailed us out when his battery died after what I thought was little use. Story with the D40, when I got the D7000 the D40 went into a drawer. I had a situation where I needed to shoot something immediately and my D7000 was not available. I raced to the drawer and got about 30 pictures before the battery died, which had sat in that drawer for over 3 years. Leaving a battery in these mirrorless cameras for 3 years, I doubt you'd get it to turn on. I had a Mamiya film camera that synced flash at every speed and the D40 syncs at 1/500. I got a lot of good outdoor pictures of peoples faces using that flash during sunlight. Your review is now over a year old, so I guess I'll have to review updated videos to find out how the battery life is coming along.

  6. Wouww. Congratulation. You made a good review.
    Did things changed a lot with the upgrade of firmware of Nikon Z6?

  7. For me an a6600 looks best right now.

    But… you reminded me to look into Biatek watches. I love the model you shot in this video!

  8. Very nice comparison! Though I do have prior experience with Nikon, and currently using Fuji's X-T3 (with some stellar Fujinon XF lenses), I was strongly considering going the Z7 route, but just concerned with Nikkor S lens availability, as I shoot primarily wide (24, 35), macro/micro (80), and occasional short telephoto (200-300). I know the Sony System has some quite good optics in those ranges, but not sure about Nikon's roadmap availability (and obviously unknown image quality) of, say, the Micro-Nikkor S 105, and how that would compare to the known stellar Sony 90 f/2.8 Macro G OSS lens. That said, I do love the ergos and body sealing of the Z7. But at the end of the day, I'm most concerned about image sharpness and detail retention when printing large. I'm thinking both systems would satisfy in that regard, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you sir!

  9. The z6 vewfinder is always dark even at +5 impossible to manual focus I have to trust a green square, but not trusty really ,I don't know the Sony ,I boycot them for trying to grab J.S.Bach

  10. What's the point for an amateur to shoot videos of 1GB/minute, it's insane ,and why a pro would use a Z6 which has no motorized zoom and real permanent focus ???
    I Find it stupid because maybe it wouldn't require a 150 $ memory card and a 70 $ card reader both from Sony which I boycot

  11. nikon will only give us a side slip-out screen only after
    5 or 10 years when they are about to go bankruptcy again … why because we have
    seen this again and again … this is nikon bad habit !

  12. I got a little lost when looking at the high ISO comparison. @2.29 it looked like Nikon had a better image but review mentioned "light bending"??? I assume the reviewer isn't talking about General Relativity so I'm not sure what photography characteristic the reviver is talking about…. A little further expiation on light bending would be appreciated.

  13. I think I’m switching to Sony. I’ve used Nikon for a long time. They just never seem to figure the AF out. Every video I see the Sony is blowing everyone out of the water.
    I do like the Nikon color palette a bit more. Though Lightroom wipes out that advantage by and large.
    The changing of the mount and leaving almost no lenses is crazy. I’m not a fan of shooting with adapters on lenses.

  14. WIth the new 24-200, I think the Z6 might be the perfect travel camera for full frame shooters. So tempted by this, assuming the optical performance is as good as the other Z lenses. Hopefully you'll get one to test at some point.

  15. it would be great with 4K 60 fps but 30 fps is great and feels filmic, 25 fps only would have sucked hard though, 30 is good enough

  16. fantastic review, very detailed with all the most interesting facts, thanks, I much prefer the picture and colours of Nikon Z6, the closest thing you can get to almost Arri Alexa picture 🙂

  17. hi, someone has reposted your video, they changed the thumbnail but it seems the video is yours hope this helps

  18. hi…is z6 worth today? considering xt4 is also available? i am torn which one to go for.. if only xt4 was FF damn it..

  19. BUT with the z6 auto focus you can read the text in the watch all the time, but with the sony you have wait for the autofocus for read it. Im not sure if an 2.8 is a good comparation with an F4

  20. The title of this video includes the question – Who won the mirrorless war?

    And you didn't answer the question.

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