SEASON 10 – Grandmaster Support Soraka Guide – League of Legends How to Play Soraka


In this video I go through the Support build so you know how to play Soraka. This includes Runes, Items and advanced skill combos. Might be some tips and tricks to learn! Enjoy!

If this video has helped please let me know what champion YOU would like to see next and if I’ve missed anything. Feel free to ask questions below!

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0:00 – Runes
4:36 – Summoner spells
5:25 – Items
8:47 – Abilities
14:39 – Advanced skill combo’s
15:45 – Skill order
18:00 – Grievous wounds
19:45 – Counters


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30 thoughts on “SEASON 10 – Grandmaster Support Soraka Guide – League of Legends How to Play Soraka

  1. Grandmaster Soraka Gameplay: (Released Wednesday 10th June 2020)
    Feel free to catch me live at !

  2. Gonna be honest, I really love how you explain things and your art to talk. Its just a really really good guide, 10/10.

  3. also one last thing, i usually go for exhaust these days on Soraka…mainly because I feel that I can afford to. Her self-sustain has been improved quite a bit with the recent changes to her Q and W. Also since we're putting points into Q instead of E…For a long time, Soraka's only weakness was self-sustain with Q maxed last every game, which is why I think Barrier was necessary for protection. But now it's not as necessary…and exhaust has a lot more versatility, being able to cast it on their ADC to reduce incoming damage, and make it easier to land skillshots, chase, etc. Also completely shuts down assassins like you said. Exhaust also works wonders against jungle ganks, and it can guarantee Equinox roots as well. There might be match-ups I'd still pick up barrier, but I think these days, exhaust is more often the better summoner choice, especially since its duration buff. Back when we put 3 points into Equinox early then max it second, I'd get barrier every single game no question, but yeah with the buffs to her self-sustain on Q and W and maxing Q second instead of E, it's not all that necessary.

  4. totally agree with the 3 points in Q early. i think it might be good to mention to go for Qs when the ADC is going for last hits…zoning them from the CS.. try to make them choose between taking damage and missing the cs. A lot of Sorakas/supports miss the skill-shots because they just throw them out haphazardly without thinking. It's better to hold onto the Q and zone with its threat(ADC will know its off cooldown), and only casting it when they go for a last-hit. I think it's also necessary to make sure you can have W maxed by lvl 10, before the 2nd point into ult at lvl 11…and that's why you stop putting points into Q at 3…not 4, not 2, but 3. 😛 The above information would help people land their Qs 😛

  5. i personally like absolute focus/scorch for the lane phase harass. I normally wouldn't ever consider inspiration secondary. Font of Life is undervalued, it provides a deceptive amount of healing for your adc. The only other option for secondary imho is zombie wards/ingenious hunter for the lower c/d on trinkets/item actives. those 2 runes for the secondary page work wonders on supports. As for items, I value Redemption very highly, and feel that Athene's is best as her second item. I almost never get Ardent on her, but it isn't terrible… I'd just prefer an active like Mikael's or Redemption. Ardent puts too much faith on the ADC to do all the work. Athene's is great, and I 100% always get it second. I almost always 100% get Redemption first on Soraka though, unlike all other enchanter supports…I just feel that it's best on her because of how much heal she already has, giving her 1 more button amplifies her burst healing potential that much further. ya know like.. W > Redemption > R > Q > E > W.. by the time the redemption is landing ur second W is up. which altogether is enough to heal an adc from 0-100 twice in 1.5 seconds. I feel like it's an essential combo for Soraka's burst healing, and that she's severely limited without it. It's the main reason I always go Redemption first. I always feel like I need it every game because my adc is most likely going to get one-shot otherwise. I need to be able to heal heal heal heal ya know. That's what Soraka's good at, she's only one that can do it. Redemption was made for her for this reason.

  6. Hey! here are the timestamps:

    1:01 Runes
    4:36 Summoner spells
    5:25 Items
    8:47 Abilities
    14:39 (?) Advanced skill combo's
    15:45 Skill order
    18:00 Grievous wounds
    19:45 Counters
    Hope that helps! some of the stamps are a bit vague because it was not always a clear divide between subjects in the vid 🙂

  7. Anyone wanting to learn support, or just how to play the game in general, only needs to watch your videos to go from bad to rad.

  8. Found this super helpful. I just started playing league a couple months ago and learning support — and this has been the easiest and most comprehensive guide to listen to. Will definitely be checking out your other stuff and sub. THANK YOU!

  9. Im taking alwyse Redemption, 10% cs boots and then locken cuz i wanna buff my teammates as much as i can so they win at the teamfights.
    Isnt that okey?

  10. I personally think guardian is pretty good for soraka if you got hard countered by engagement support. When your adc got caught, most of the time aery wont be able to shield your adc (it goes onto enemy champ because you wanna Q first then W heal). Guardian is very good in this situation. It gives you and your adc speed boost to kite back. It can also shield adc and yourself which is not something aery can do. So when you got hard-countered, pick guardian, biscuits and cosmic. And take relic shield, put 2 points on your Q then MAX your W. I feel like this works better than taking aery into an aggressive support like a nautilus.

  11. would you say using guardian on her is too wrong? i've been using it more lately against some matchups and i like the result,i feel like she gets less squishy during lane phase,but it's considerably worse out of laning phase,just wanted to know if it's wrong or not :')

  12. Hello Bizzle, I am a huge fan of your content as it is truly informative and helpful for a support player like myself. I was hoping to get a Morgana guide before you move on to tanks and possibly Taric when you do get to tanks. Great video as always.

  13. I'm so grateful I found your videos, I started playing league this year because I began having seizures and my hands are too shakey to confidently play team-based FPS anymore.
    Let me tell you how overwhelming it is trying to learn a game that came out 11 years ago when every guide seems more like a hype video than a learning opportunity, your channel has been a breath of fresh air and every time my husband and I play together he's able to see the progress made.
    Thank you for the positivity and the personality, it really does feel like you're sitting down with a friend to learn a game they love.

  14. Hey Brizzle, could you make a tutorial for support items in general? I'm not completely sure when to build what item … especially knights vow, locket and shurelyas. That would be so great!

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