SAW Games – The Steam Maze (SAW VI)

Hello, Debbie. I want to play a game.

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34 thoughts on “SAW Games – The Steam Maze (SAW VI)

  1. Wait a minute. If she actually killed him to get the key…what would happen to the game? It's totally over?

  2. Whether it’s the bear trap or death mask trap, they were all given 1min to get the key. But this one is only given 90 seconds like wtf.

  3. Ini bukanlah satu pengajaran.. Tetapi ini ialah satu pembodohan.
    Dia bukannya tuhan untuk memberi pembalasan terhadap orang-orang yg bersalah.. Biarkan tuhan yang membalasnya.

  4. i see 2 solutions, he could move his arm out of the way of the pipe, it's possible, and neither of them get hurt, then when she gets the saw, she can literally just cut the device off, it's only metal, it's not indestructible(plus the device would've melted by then with all the steam), or she can literally just tilt her head to the side and back for like 3 minutes

  5. Not sure why her bothered suffering lol could’ve let her die and the door would’ve opened anyway lol

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