Roblox Horse World Tennessee Walking Horse adult and it’s adorable gait. New body style!

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26 thoughts on “ROBLOX HORSE WORLD TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE & It's Adorable Gait! New Body Style

  1. i have the Tennessee Walking Horse but mine is a gold armor with black wings and Jet Black Coat with Green Leg Wraps and a Yellow Halo!

  2. Hello everyone. Today I thought it would be a nice day. It was not. One of my dogs passed away today. At first I cried my a lot in class. But now, everything is fine now. With the help of my friends, I feel fine. But I do really miss her. She never bit anyone, not even once. She was a sweetheart.

  3. Ly, there's gonna be a new event dragon! It's a bunny ( aranga ) and i bet you'll get it ! ❤ and 3 more in wasteland. And i love the tenesse horse it's so kyuttt!!! Lab youuuuuu😜

  4. Eyyyy guess what? I was there in the game when they added it and it restarted the whole game. Then it just appeared on the menu!

  5. Sadly, to get the horse to do the gaits, I’m pretty sure they put chemicals which burn the horse behind the hooves. 🙁

    Great video as always, though!

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