NES Demon Sword in 09:00.13 by Yunshui


Demon Sword is the kind of a game that Legend of Kage should have been.

It features a hero named Victar, who can easily jump on a tall tree (and sometimes over it, since he can’t jump much lower) and is willing to defeat the evil demon that conquered the world. The key to defeating him is Victar’s sword, that is conveniently broken into pieces that must be collected over the span of the game.

So watch his sword getting bigger and more powerful every few minutes, until its wielder finally reaches maturity decides it’s big enough to save the world.

This is a 66.6 second improvement over the previous movie by curtmack.


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11 thoughts on “NES Demon Sword in 09:00.13 by Yunshui

    I came in expecting a legitimate speedrun, not a TAS, and the fact that it's a TAS is only obvious if you understand the term "rerecord count."

  2. What's up with those bosses? I played this game only once, in like 1990 or something. Seems silly to make bosses who just take an easy ass whippin each fight.

  3. This brings back some good memories. I'm 41 now, and I was around 11 when I played this game. Its hard to be 30 years have passed already. I used to think this game music was so cool, and I still do now.

  4. I feel so sorry for those bosses.
    What a beating!

    I guess that's when they started having collision damage in them!

  5. there was a 5 year gap between this and Kage. Made by the same team. I'd argue this was an update to Kage itself.

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