Mystic – Rank 1 Highest Rated Ret – Season 14

Revolutionize the way you game only at:

Hey, all these games are from the end of season 14 with Souken and Waffle.

There’s also a warrior montage at the end!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video.

Song List:

Klaypex – Lights (Skrux Remix) Edit
Mediks – Blown Away (Raise Spirit Remix)
Mediks – Don t Let Go (Ft. Sarah Watson)
Curious Kontrol – To The Stars
Submatik – Firefly
Laszlo – Fall To Light

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48 thoughts on “Mystic – Rank 1 Highest Rated Ret – Season 14

  1. I remember it was MoP and I just started getting into pvp watching these being a little time flies so fast:’( rip wow pvp bfa killed you

  2. Love the old animation of Templar's Verdict! WHY THE FUCK, did they change it? They just do such bullshitty stuff sometimes…………

  3. Lol… bursts without proc trinket or wep enchant proc'd worst ret I've seen yet and yes even worse than vanguards in vangauards 6

  4. I have a question. Why did the hunter didnt just start scatter shot and then trap instead of using sleep arrow then if healer trinket you can sleep arror then their still in presure

  5. Even though I don't play wow anymore coming back to these videos is so great this is probably the last decent season besides prideful too bad the whole game is garbage now

  6. the video should be renamed…. clearly towards the end of the vid an arms warr is being played around 14 minutes. awesome video anyways

  7. lol ret on skillcapped. I understand all the classes that don't faceroll with 2 buttons, but ret lol.. sad sad day for skillcapped.

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