Mortal Kombat 11 Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage Romance

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26 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage Romance

  1. If only the younger Jhonny not there, only refreshed version of Sonya, and somehow they got attached to each other again, the old Jhonny will be luckiest man ever live to boink again in her youth.

  2. The part where Sonya had to fight him I literally started crying.
    Call me nasty or not: I have a crush on Johnny and I love Sonya! 😭
    And I swear Kano and Erron are just.. i wanna fight them so badly!😡

  3. I like to think that as she set of the trigger she thought back to the days where she kept working instead of going home to Jonny and Cassie. Then she fantasizes she chose home rather than work. And got to watch her grow up properly. Getting to say "Goodnight Private pumpkin" The she goes to Jonny and says "Ninja Mime?"

  4. The first video game natural love scene before Kotal and Jade took place. Sadly old Sonya had to be killed. But the young one more beautiful. I wish there is another romantic scene about Cassie 😢😍

  5. 3:02–3:16 The Look Of Disgust From Everyone When Young Johnny Said He's Swear To Bang Sonya At Early Opportunity

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