Mike Tyson on UFC 3 Is A CHEAT CODE! Powerful Knockouts! UFC 3 Online Gamplay

Mike Tyson on UFC 3 Is A CHEAT CODE! Powerful Knockouts! UFC 3 Online Gamplay
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49 thoughts on “Mike Tyson on UFC 3 Is A CHEAT CODE! Powerful Knockouts! UFC 3 Online Gamplay

  1. Is ea gameface still working? Mine is not. Can i get some help? It cant upload my gameface to my ufc 3 on ps4.

  2. You should've made his body hooks and uppercuts level 5 cause in real life his low high combos are legendary. Ya know he comes up with the right body hook head uppercuts and boom boom wham out like a fucking light

  3. haha this was great. good job man. great commentary. mike def throws those hard hooks and upper cuts, nice job lol

  4. I tried to do the Expendables cast but ….Jesus the gameface was not easy got Arnold and a vampire sly lmao 🤬😂

  5. I don't care who he is, Bro! If he even thought about taken my girl – I'd fight him on the drop of a dime! I've been practicing MMA (Muay Thai & BJJ) for years!

  6. everyone is afraid of a man like that because he has power despite his age, i fear no man, i dare to challenge him and walk out in victory

  7. bbbrruuuhhh on that first guy you want to be up close so he cant be throwing so many high knees!!

  8. Hes the best… ever. If that crazy bitch and Don King didnt get involved and fuck with his head he never woulda lost EVER! He has 50 wins!!! And every loss was by his doing not his opponents. He controlled the ring. A prime Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr woulda been an awesome fight but I'm pretty sure they were in different weight classes but still I'm 100% that a early 20s Tyson would destroy a early 20s Jones Jr… no issue.

  9. Tyson used a ton of head movement and feints to get inside. His footwork was extremely quick. His opponents knew it was coming, but they still couldn’t stop it. His signature move was a huge right to the body, dropping their guard, then a left hook to the head. Knockout almost every time. Probably the hardest hitter of all time, but also extremely fast and technically excellent. In his prime, GOAT.

  10. Stop saying he is 5”10 he’s a legit 5”11 1/2 to 6”0 in the proper shoes. I’ve stood next to him and I’m tall his fuck Mike is not as short as people think he is.

  11. Tyson's latest sparring videos look like he could make a real comeback. I would love to see that man fight again!

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