Justin Bieber – Love Yourself & Sorry ft. James Bay (Live at The BRIT Awards 2016)

Justin Bieber performs Love Yourself and Sorry with James Bay live at The BRIT Awards 2016.

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48 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – Love Yourself & Sorry ft. James Bay (Live at The BRIT Awards 2016)

  1. Justin they put mgk in the same ditgits as you he's not in the same space he needs to start somewhere else your so far ahead it's crazy it's just not not the same you got it he don't got it Justin I like your digits mgk songs are crap bad things bad music. It not the same planet he sucks hate to say it but your unreal he not in the same planet as you and I think Advil lavine some is good and Eminem is great Justin it different typt of music it's good but I like your stuff better it go back to the days of Jackson five days when music and words meant something

  2. If you are a beliber so go and watch justin bieber seasons. I love it, he has mentioned all the things happened with him in the seasons. Go and watch it if you want to know how much struggle he had done.

  3. The first time in a while I’m going to be going to new house 🏠 was that you would get to do the same things I can

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