Is this the BEST Soraka Support game of Season 10?

Playing an Aggressive Soraka Support into a Leona & Xayah Bot Lane. Showcasing how its possible to carry as an enchanter (and should get you ready for the new Soraka Skins coming next patch!)

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32 thoughts on “Is this the BEST Soraka Support game of Season 10?

  1. Yep Soraka is back as one of the strongest supports! I just uploaded a Soraka vid to my channel. Check it out!

  2. Your voice is so calming and soothing..and you play Soraka extremely well. I can’t wait to see more gameplays from you! Appreciate your guide on mobafire as well 🙂

  3. 21:00 I probably would have tried to save MF. lol it was just rumble and lee doing damage. ult + W would have brought her back to full.. and could place a redemption at the same time, and you'd have W back up same time redemption heal comes through. i mean you were right there…That's usually my rotation when someone gets focused like that. I'd have at least tried.. I mean it wouldn't have hurt imo.. Soraka can pull shit like that off.. I mean, I've kept my ADC alive when they've been focused by the whole enemy team. Just have to burst heal in 2 rotations. Simple enough, like I said, redemption + ult + W should be enough for them to last another second when you can cast your second W on them along with the heal from redemption. It basically heals them to full from 10% twice in a row. I mean, yeah if MF was complete garbage, it might not be worth it, but even then… I mean, what else are you going to do? There's some things I'd do differently here, just thought I'd say. Not saying I'm a better player, I'm just saying it's worked out for me.

  4. I think Senna Support would work really well if they built her correctly. Like, I think she should use PTA and Black Cleaver. The combo works really well on her. PTA gives what 12% increased dmg from all sources? and Black Cleaver is a debuff. It's not a penetration buff like all other sources of armor pen. It's a stacking debuff that reduces their armor. She can be played like an additional ADC that also increases the damage your ADC does to the same targets. Also, I'm not sure if it's changed yet, but they already changed it on the PBE, so I imagine it's going to hit the live servers any time now. When I first started using this build, you could get a full 6 stacks of the Black Cleaver debuff with an auto Q auto. Her auto attacks and Qs give 2 stacks each. Muramana also works the same way, which is why she's busted right now as an ADC. Once its upgraded, instead of just doing 6% of her current mana pool in additional physical dmg, she does 12% of her current mana pool in additional physical damage with every auto attack, and every Q. I imagine whatever they changed on the PBE to give only 1 stack of Cleaver with every auto and Q, also changed how muramana works on her now. There'd be no reason to change the way Black Cleaver worked on her considering nobody is using it cuz they're dumb, but fixing Muramana double proccing every time will make it so she's not busted as an ADC anymore. People aren't just using muramana b/c she has mana problems, that's ridiculous. If it was just because of mana problems, not everyone would pick it up every single fucking game. They pick it up because the on-hit is broken and double procs with auto-attacks every single time like Ezreal Qs. There are several other skills in the game that do the same thing, you can look it up on wiki. If it was just the Q it'd be reasonable, but auto attacks that double proc on-hit effects is just a little bit ridiculous. I don't think it was actually intended to work like that. It was cool that it worked with Black Cleaver though. Almost seemed intended.

  5. Nice game. Almost flawless! Missed an important heal at 24:34 but that is just me thinking: "Ha, I got u" ;). Learned a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  6. One thing I learned from watching this is I don't basic attack champs nearly enough. Probably because I just started and I barely know what each champion does, so I'm worried about moving towards them.

  7. Finally a Soraka game!!! I love you Bizzle 🙂 I main Soraka (and play League tbh) solely because of you <3

  8. that moment when you do more damage than the enemy lee sin <3 i love seeing your soraka gameplay and i’m really down to see some sona gameplay too

  9. I was never very good on Soraka. Even considered her boring. I watch your videos regularly and think to myself "Hey, that looks really enjoyable and easy" and then go into games and do… pretty mediocre.

  10. Janna can make plays but her plays are super risky, which you might not want to do them so that you do not waste your resources. For example, using tornado to engage or flash monsoon.

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