How to install wordpress on mac using xampp 2020 | Fix WP localhost directory creation problem

Welcome to my new video in this video I will show you how you can use xampp to install WordPress on your MacBook.
Download the latest version of Xampp:

Download the latest wordpress installation file:

download sublime text:

put this code:

define(‘FS_METHOD’ , ‘direct’);

Code to solve director creation error:
sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/

there are couple of things that you need to install wordpress using xampp on your Macbook first of all you need to install the latest version of xampp on your Mac and once you do you also need to download wordpress latest version from
once you are done installing xampp on your Mac just click to open it and follow the onscreen instructions and that would help you to install xampp easily on your Macbook you also have to download wordpress installation file from what once it is done copy it and paste it on your Sam HD dogs folder so that you can easily used in future don’t forget to extract the wordpres installation file so that you can easily use it in future
now that you have successfully installed xampp on your MacBook open the application and run my SQL if you are having problem running my SQL if it is not starting then change the port to 8080 by clicking the config option and once it is done click ok then restart my SQL and now this time it will open or Run just fine if the Apache web server is not running then it is not a problem we don’t need it right now
Now go to localhost/phpmyadmin. If you see the database creation page open then it means that your xampp is working fine.
Now copy all the files from your wordpress installation folder and paste it on a new folder where you want to install wordpress once it is done
now go to the installation folder and chest find a file call wp-config-sample.php
Open this file using your favourite text editor and mention the database name as the one that you have created right now mention the name of the username of the database as root and and keep the password of the database as blank that’s it
now go to your web browser and type localhost/yourwpfoldername
if you see the in WordPress installation menu on your web browser then you have successfully started the whole wordpress installation process give your desired username password and email and click next and within minute you will have a fresh wordpress installation on your xampp
now that you have successfully installed xampp when you try to install a plugin or a theme or 12 create a new page you will face and error wordpress will ask you to provide FTP username server URL and password to solve that problem I have added AC code on the description section of this video copy that code and pasted on and on your WP config file as I have shown once it is done there is another code that you have to copy and paste it on your terminal so open up your terminal app and paste that code and click enter you will be asked for password give the password and press enter and within one second code will run and now your problem is solved now go to wordpress and if you see if you try you will see that now you can install all types of plugins you can install all types of themes and you can also create as many pages as possible on your wordpress folder this way we have solve the way what press localhost directory creation problem if you want to solve that what press directory creation problem then this is how you do it
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21 thoughts on “How to install wordpress on mac using xampp 2020 | Fix WP localhost directory creation problem

  1. When i download Xampp and install it I dont get this menu at Applications 3:45. This menu only shows up when i mount and then opt/lampp/htdocs comes. Any ideas what went wrong?

  2. Hey! It's Great. Thank you very much. Dear Anik, Can you do a Video for installing wordpress linux app on xampp-vm in mac. I have a problem when Installing the wordpress linux app on the xampp. After installing its working perfect. but I cant find the wordpress wp-content folder on the virtual server. There are no wp content folder on /lampp folder. because of that I can't edit page with sublime text. I'm using OS X catalina.

  3. Hello friend. After i entered localhost/weborne.
    Because i used weborne as the new folder i created.

    It showed
    Warning: uae of undefined constant 'DB name' assumed 'My DB name', this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP in app/………………….., error establishing a database connection

  4. Great Video Thanks!
    I imported from an existing website. Now everything works, except navigating on the site on localhost. The "starting" page is working, but when I press on the menu it does not work.. I changed the settings (Website-Adress (URL)) already. Any idea, where's the problem?

  5. all worked well until i reached this step :
    sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/

    it is still giving, means we cant install any theme or plugins
    chmod: /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/: No such file or directory

    apple@MASX ~ %

    also i have download the XAMPP it looks totally different and the way to setup most of the work is different, if you will have time better to renew the video if you wish

    but let me focus on my issue till now im not able to install themes and plug ins

  6. Please my friend
    I have a problem adding images in WordPress
    This is a error message
    "Unable to create directory wp-content / uploads / 2020/04. Is its parent directory writable by the server?"

    If you're getting the following error in Terminal: chmod: /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/: No such file or directory…

    Follow these steps (it's ridiculously easy when you know how!):

    Make sure the XAMPP app is running then:

    1. Under General Tab, in XAMPP app, click Open Terminal
    2. A terminal will be launched with something like, root@debian:~#, on the terminal shell
    3. On that terminal shell, type, chmod -R 0777 /opt/lampp/htdocs/ and enter
    4. Exit, the terminal and you be good to go

    And voila! You can stop pulling your hair out 😉

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