How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

This video shows different ways to troubleshoot high disk usage issues in Windows 10.
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In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating a number of ways to fix the problem of 100% disk usage in Windows, especially Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Some typical signs of this problem include an obvious slowdown in the overall performance of your windows, system lags, unresponsive apps and processes, disk utilization percentage nearing or consistently on 100%, unusually loud noise from the cooling fan as if your processor or graphics card is under extreme use. The following suggestions were covered in this video:

1. Disable Windows Search Service
2. Check your disk defragmentation configuration
3. Update your device drivers
4. Disable Superfetch
5. Reset Virtual Memory
6. Check the configuration of your AHCI PCIe
7. Disable Windows Update Service
8. Disable Automatic Windows Update Service:

If everything fails, you might consider backing up your files and reinstalling Windows. If you set to do that, you can check the procedure I showed in this video:
on how to back up your files before installing a fresh copy of Windows.


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27 thoughts on “How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10


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  2. I dont usually comment on tech vids, but oh my lord this was great. Im so happy, i thought my computer was just dead in the water. Absolutely amazing dude.

  3. out of nowhere my disk went from 100 to 5 and i didnt do anything so thanks? you did it remotely i guess

  4. If none of these solutions worked for you, I suggest downloading a program called Malwarebytes, I did one scan and it completely fixed the problem.
    Hope I helped <3

  5. Hello, somebody please help, I Disable Windows Update . like what is done in this video but I kept receiving, downloading automatic updates for my windows 10, please help

  6. None of them in video worked but I clued in on when he said in superfetch “see it shows up as one of the items using disk” sysmain service on top for me. So i disabled sysmain service the same way you disable superfetch and it worked! My disk usage dropped to 2%

  7. Jon of them worked put I clued in on when he said in superfetch “see it shows up as one of the items using disk” sysmain service as top. So i disabled sysmain service the same way you disable superfetch and it worked! My disk usage dropped to 2%

  8. I had this issue, did what you told and it solved it , this was about a month ago but now today this issue has come up again .Windows 10 devs should just F themselves. Switching to Linux FTW

  9. The 2nd solution seemed to work. Great video!! My disk went from 100% with no apps open to 1% with no apps open.

  10. I tried everything you did and my pc still doesn’t perform like how it was performing when i first got it:(

  11. Mine i just install Pc games in my system drive and disk high usage fix or you can remove your 1 of your hdd

  12. For those in 2020 who tried every step and still the problem is not solved here is the final solution trust me just replace your primary hard drive ( HDD) with SATA DRIVE ( SSD) n if you are running on 4 gb ram its time to upgade it to atleast 8 gb ram N Boom trust me problem is solved .This is for both laptop and computer in my case i replaced 3 of my office computer and 2 laptops HDD to SSD which were having same problem and now i dont have to buy new laptop or computer for 5-10 yrs problem is gone. imp:- ( replace primary HDD to SSD) Earlier booting time of my laptop was 2-4 minutes and after booting it was unrisponsive aroung 1-2 minutes which was very frustating but after replacing HDD to SSD now my booting time is just 5-10 seconds and entire experince of using my laptop is very smooth.

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