How to disassemble 📱 Sony Xperia C4 E5303, E5306, E5353 Take apart Tutorial

How to disassemble 📱 Sony Xperia C4 E5353 by himself.
Disassembly (take apart) and repair smartphone Sony Xperia C4 E5303 (E5306, E5353) at home with a minimal set of tools.

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23 thoughts on “How to disassemble 📱 Sony Xperia C4 E5303, E5306, E5353 Take apart Tutorial

  1. I have a problem with the touchscreen, it bug a lot. Do you think it can resolve the problem if i change the screen, like in this video?

  2. i have problem in mobile network not available for C4
    in my phone setting i can see sim1 and sim 2 but name only . for example i can see sim 1 is vodafone but no signal . sometime the signal come and go again .
    can you help me ?

  3. Hola, buenas, tengo una consulta sobre la reparación de la antena de red, mi teléfono Sony Xperia C4 tiene una falla de llegar señal de red, pues al presionar fuerte el la parte de la NFC, aparece la señal pero muy débil ("2 palitos") y se vuelve a perder la señal, (sin servicio) definitivo….

    Será que podrías hacer un video acerca del problema porfavor… 😭😭😭

  4. sir my Sony E5363 have been dead .it's not turning on. so what should I do for this problem please tell me sir fastly

  5. mere sony E5363 chalte chalte dead ho gya hai battery me directshort short laga ke dekh lya safae krke dekh li lekin turn on nhi ho rha ab mujhe kya krna chahiye

  6. Hola señor me ha servido mucho su vídeo para desarmar este celular pero aun así no he podido arreglar el problema. Le comento a ver si nos ayuda a mi y a quién tenga el mismo problema: La batería del celular se drena extremadamente rápido, pudiendo llegar a pasar de 100 a 0% en 10 minutos, a veces lo cargo apagado y muestra por mucho rato 0%, de repente lo conecto y de la nada tiene 88%, 90%, 100%. A mi me parece un problema de calibración de la batería, pero el problema es que este modelo no tiene ROOT. Por eso yo pensaba en cambiar la batería y ahora probaré hacer un reset factory. Espero se haya entendido y me pueda guiar en algo! Gracias!

  7. i have sony c4 dual since 2yrs now… and i have problem with camera focus…
    it doesn't focus now on any object …what i can do??
    this problem occurs, when my phone has touch issue so i give it to the service center…. then i get back my phone in 2week…
    the i see this problem (camera focus doesn't work)… plzz suggest any solution…

  8. Hi,I need help too. I have a Sony Xperia C4 Dual and sometimes, when I'm trying to make a video full-screen or it starts an add while I'm doing something , the screen is blocking. In the video case,it's getting green and it's turning off and then on. On the add case,the image is blocking and stays there while the sound is still working,and after the add ends the phone is turning off and then on again. I think it has problems whit the screen,but I don't know what to do whit it like this! Please help!

  9. Please help my device when /errace regular weather on the screen pulses of lines in the middle of the screen i reply
    C4 5333

  10. I need help my Xperia C4 needs a screen repair because a red mark or red spot is showing when I view dark backgrounds on the phone so I think it might of been pressed.

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