How to clean Nintendo NES games and more | Cartridge cleaner for retro games

If you like cleaning your games with Q-tips, the 1UPcard is not for you. The 1UPcard restores games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, N64 and more. Find it at

The 1UPcard. Your Game Cartridge Cleaner for Nintendo, Sega and more.

Would you rather be playing your games than cleaning them?

Get back to doing what you love, and don’t worry if the game will work or not the next time you put it in your game system. Use the product designed to do one thing: give your game an extra life. The 1UP card is the video game cartridge cleaner for gamers who like making things easy.

Which games does the 1 Up Card work for?

The 1UPcard is specifically designed to clean retro video game cartridges including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, N64, and more. The 1UPcard cleaning kit also removes permanent marker, stickers, and grime from your game or console.

Ready to be done with Qtips?

The 1UPcard is specially designed to provide maximum contact with your game contacts. Do you like the idea of dirty Qtips sitting around and fuzz getting wedged into your game console? Me neither.


Q: How many games can I clean with one card?

A: It depends on how dirty the games are. The fluid pad actually draws the dirt and corrosion into the pad allowing you to clean upwards of 70 games or more. Compare that to the number of Q-tips you would normally use! Also, you should be able to clean at least 10 cartridges before having to re-moisten the fluid pad. Kit provides more than 150 applications of cleaning fluid.

Q: What is the fluid made of?

A: Pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol 99%. Contains no water which leads to more corrosion on your game contacts. It comes in a 1.25oz oval-shaped reusable dropper bottle.

Q: Do I need to let the contacts dry before playing?

A: Just waft the cartridge for a few moments to dry the contacts. Don’t blow into it! Blowing introduces additional moisture to your game which leads to more corrosion.

Q: What games does it work on?

A: Works perfectly with Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64 and others. Not recommended for Gameboy.

Q: Do I need to open up my game cartridges with specialty tools and clean the motherboard?

A: Nope. All you need is an effective cleaner for your game contacts.

Q: Many tutorials on Youtube recommend several different chemicals to clean games. Which one is the best?

A: Using products like Windex, Brasso, and watery rubbing alcohol can actually damage your game. The best product is 99% isopropyl alcohol. We’ve provided it in an easy to use, controlled dropper tip bottle. Use the 1UPcard for safe, effective cleaning every time you want to relive vintage video gaming magic.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: We are counting on your and your community of gamers to keep retro gaming alive and well for generations to come. Game on with the 1UPcard.

Don’t keep the princess waiting…


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