HITMAN Inventory Showcase Episode 1 – Pistols


In this series I’ll be showcasing all items within HITMAN including weapons and suits and how to unlock them. Feel free to give me some feedback on ways to improve this series in future videos. Cheers!

HITMAN Inventory Showcase All Episodes:

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44 thoughts on “HITMAN Inventory Showcase Episode 1 – Pistols

  1. I wish they had unsuppressed pistols versions of suppressed but idk why

    I also wish they had suppressed versions of unsuppressed

  2. What do you mean by squeeze the trigger???? Hold R2 instead of light tap/press???? Could you please teach me how to close the crosshair of the Silveeballer I'm on PS4 too

  3. I want the silverballers so muchhhh on HITMAN™ cause my childhood is the silverballers from hitman blood money, absolution, 3,2,1 phew the times…

    Edit: im mastery 9 on paris :)) ill tell you when I get mastery 10

  4. Bring back Akimbo like it make sense and also they need to bring some more variety of models for other guns

  5. How do I get these guns in the game for real it's bad enough that I can't get the suits right now & another thing is there any cheat codes to this game to get all of the suits and weapons???

  6. I hate the dumb challenge mastery system in the game for unlocking weapons and equipment.

    They need to have it so you get money per contract depending on how well you do. With that money you can buy weapons and equipment. Your a hitman for hire after all.

  7. You forgot about the Striker. However I don't remember where to get it. You have to get in the game in Hokkaido in one of the escalations.

  8. About the HWK, there is a highly situational scenario where it could possibly be useful. The pistol has more bullets (12 compared to 7), so if you have good aim, you can clear out rooms. Of course, the game has unrealistically fast reloads, but even a few seconds can make or break a fight. I like to use it when doing dumb stuff in hitman, usually, I just avoid gunfights in normal gameplay, but if you like going loud, the HWK (with enough practice) can be a really good weapon. Also, semi auto is op in hitman, at least in my opinion.

  9. You can actually reload the custom 5mm by droping it and having a guard pick it up, after they drop it off at a weapons storage it is reloaded.

  10. What I hate is that silenced gun in real life is still fucking loud. 125db is silenced 9mm pistol. It makes using knives or wire completely useles when you cna just shoot people without anyone hering a thing.

  11. Good video I didn’t see the stats for the custom 5 it seems goo I originally used the silver baller but ima use the 5m

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