Game Processing Knives You Need And Ones You Might Want

Here are links to these knives:
Dexter Fillet knife:
Dexter Boning knife:
Dexter Wide Boning Knife:
Dexter 3″ Utility knife:
Dexter Pairing Knives:
Dexter Butcher Knife:
Rapala 6 Fillet knife:
Rapala 4 Fillet Knife:
Exacto Knife:
Handle For Havalon Blades:
Ceramic Rod:
Meat Hook:
Tool box:

I am an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from purchases thru these links.

These are the knives I highly recommend for all your game processing and butchering needs.

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4 thoughts on “Game Processing Knives You Need And Ones You Might Want

  1. I use the 4" rapala all the time. Perfect for boning out the meat. But i found that using a knife with a bigger belly is a lot faster for skinning out the deer and my hand isnt killing me at the end of the day. That and it helps having a thicker spinned knife for jointing.

  2. Hey, man!! Love your insight and info. Could you please put out a video about climbing aiders. Single step and also 3 steps is what I’m looking at but I’ll trust what you think is best.

    Specifically, I will be using the new LWCG stand and 4 mini sticks, so I’ll love to have an aider if I need to get a few more feet up in a tree.

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