Foreigner – Head Games (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for Foreigner – “Head Games” from the album ‘Head Games’ (1979)

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49 thoughts on “Foreigner – Head Games (Official Music Video)

  1. My favorite lyric & tune in this song is “A day dream…for hours, it seemed. I keep thinking of you. Yea, thinking of you.”

  2. My niece thought that it was Hep chames lol she's 41 years old now..Dam if I hear this song at least one chorus I still sing " Hep chames

  3. My favorite head games after she and I play head games is when we kiss and make up…and go to the bedroom for more head games…

  4. anyone ever count how many times "head games" is repeated in this song? love foreigner – hate this song due to the repetition

  5. Head Games Is My Favorite Song By Foreigner And Is A Great Straight Up Killer Rock Song That Totally Rocks It Needs To Be Fully Cranked Up All The Way To Full Maximum Volume.

  6. Their tune "Feels like the First Time" will always be special to me. Except I was alone that night. Oh, well…

  7. These guys were pop rock icons. What a great band with a super talented vocalist. Lou Gramn you rock !!!

  8. To talk about the reasons why you an I fight is you keep secrets an there haunting me an fixn to lay them in peace head games are over

  9. After this version of Foreigner in 79 Mick Jones became a big control freak and fired everyone and eventually forced Lou walk because Mick has become too difficult to work with. Yes I'll say it, Mick fucked up his own band to a pile of nothing.

  10. One of my favorite rock bands of all time. Yes, Lou is the best voice in rock ever. This was a great time for rock. Miss those years of incredible music.

  11. I remember waiting for each new song to study his voice. I knew all too well how much work I needed to do to come anywhere close to singing like that.

  12. I absolutely love the build up at “No time ever seems right to talk about the reasons why you and I fight. It’s hiiiiiigh time to draw the line. To put an end to this game before it’s too late. Head games!”

  13. Lou's voice is 2 die for/one of the best in rock music history…& Mick Jones is SO hot!! 🙂🙂✌✌☮☮💕💕 * One of my fave bands ever !!

  14. It's has been 41 years since this song came out and I was a year old when this came out and now I'm in my 40's lol

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